Rest Day After Root Canal

Yesterday had been a fairly easy going one. It was my first day off since a long weekend, and I got two root canals. I did not actually think yesterday with be incredibly productive. So, I just tried to take it slow.

These kind of days aren’t necessarily bad. I need to accept that we need times to rest. Not every day will be 5,000 words, exercising, eating healthy, and being awesome. Some days, I am goin to be a little lax and lazy to keep up my energy. Yesterday was all of that laissez-faire attitude to make the rest of the week easier.

The root canals were a bit complicated. It didn’t hurt outside the needle in the gums, but it left me incredibly tired. The last few days had been busy at work, my regular Saturday, followed by New Years Eve, and then a karaoke day. It was not super busy last night, but the entire weekend just kind of collapsed into a ball of tired. The root canal just added to that exponentially.

I went out after work on Monday and had one drink. That was two for the day, so even though I’m just starting, I at least am keeping with my goal. I also went and bought food yesterday to make Chili. The chili tasted brilliant, and I have enough for the rest of the week. It took me a while to make but has a nice spice to it.

The rest of the day was spent just hanging out with my roommate and resting. My roommate and I watched the final episode of Once Upon a Time, which was nice and easy-going. Even though I wanted to kind of chill, I needed to get my basic work done.

That’s where writing came in. I always comment about it’s harder to write at home, and this was one of those days. I thin it’s because I can easily distract myself with other things. Then, for instance, I spent the day watching Power Rangers HyperForce. Joel and I talk Power Rangers quite a bit, and I’ve been watching a few select episodes again here and there. It was a cool concept, and one that was quite a bit of a distraction.

The day did not get more productive than that. I just did a bit of reading and gaming with my roommate. It was a fun time, but left for very little getting done in terms of writing.

I need to prioritize going to the gym today, and regardless of the temperature make sure that I do it. Today, I need to get caught up on everything and set myself up for success throughout the rest of the week. It’s going to be a long one with work. By Monday, I’ll probably be back in exactly the same place with tiredness and not wanting to do anything, but I’ll try. Another day down, and it wasn’t as productive as it could be, but I have fresh teeth, I ate food, and I’m glad to be where I’m at.

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