100 Days Healthier Me – Day Forty-Three

Write It Down Wednesday. This, ironically so, will be one of the harder things for me to write about for an incredibly simple reason. I write about everything. I write down everything.

When I get up in the morning, the first thing I have been doing is looking at Charmaine’s 100 Days Healthier Me. Sometimes, it’s harder to write about than other days, but I seem to find the words to put it down on a page. I start out my day with it because it leaves me another 2-3 hours to do the things listed and prepare for it. That’s one of the things I write daily.

The next is my recurring daily noon blog post. (Which has been consistent except yesterday when I accidentally posted it at midnight). The topics vary, and like today, I may struggle a bit to get one out, but I’ll get it done. Perhaps, there will be some rambling involved, but the post will be completed and be scheduled for tomorrow.

I also tend to write something else. If I’m editing, this is when I get started doing that. I will rewrite passages or just edit wrong words. When I’m not editing, I try to start or work on another project. For instance, when I was editing my first novella, I started working on my second. Now that I’m completed with my second, waiting to finish the first, I have started something else. It’s confusing, but it keeps me writing daily, which is one of the goals.

After each shift at work, I even write down my tips. I may, today, start holding on to all my receipts and putting them into a master file of some sort. Although, that makes me feel a little bit like a crazy person. To some extent, I should do that for things I buy so I know how much I am spending on things like entertainment and food versus bills. That’s something I currently don’t write down but maybe should.

As of late, I have found ways to take notes about future stories. I make little collages of ideas with pictures of various things that will keep me focused. Characters or ideas may be very different than what is presented, but it gives me the overall idea of what I want to accomplish. So, even in that fact I am writing things down.

I guess this is just something that I do incredibly well. People, of late, have been giving me kudos and making mention of how positive I have been on Facebook. It makes me feel really good, and I’m glad that people are finding what I have to say or do positive. It sets out the message that I want to send. Those little writings are even helping people progress forward and maybe sometimes just giving them happiness that people are out there doing what they love. Maybe they’ll see it and see how easy it is to do what they love. Then writing it all down will be worth it for everyone.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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