Taking Inventory of Myself

I felt like taking a bit of inventory on my life right now. I did something similar a few days ago going into 2018, but I want to look at things by the numbers.

I currently weigh 163.4 which is not a bad weight to be at, although I am used to seeing 155 on that scale. However, if I work out things are going to change, and I have to be okay with that.

I have been writing at least 1,000 words a day. That’s over 350,000 words at year at least. That’s a great place to be when I think about all the things I want to be writing in addition to this.

I have 234 dollars in my bank account, I have 375 dollars on one credit card, and 22 dollars on my other credit card. Two of those things needs to be worked on. I have some bills coming out today will will probably bring me down to 175. I also work today and have budgeted at least 125 dollars to make. Whether or not that will happen will depend solely on the people.

I have three/four jobs. I work at a brewery. I also work as a bartender at a bar. I work as an pseudo-event planner which is where the / comes in. I am definitely a writer. The words above say as much. I do not do well with the event planning, and may have to toss that as the year goes on; however, with that comes more writing.

I have two novellas in various stages of the editing process. I have one story I am currently writing. (I called it a story because I do not know if it’ll be a novel or a novella).

I have paid for a plane ticket to New Orleans, and I have paid for my third of the hotel/room/airbnb whichever we decide to get. This means I’m going, but I need to save up money so that I can drink booze and not be completely hungry.

I have a decent budget. All of my things are mapped out well. I have the amounts and dates that they are needed to be paid. I also have a long list of my tips which I make at both places.

There’s an open call to a job I want on the 22nd of January. This is a new thing, but it’ll be good if I can get it. Of course, I don’t know how well they’ll feel about giving me five days off in March. But they would also be an easier option to know for certain I had money for such a trip. We will see how things plan out.

I do not have clothes for interviewing. I need to take care of this ASAP, see above.

I have my teeth on the road to recovery. I went to the dentist on Tuesday and got the root canals done. On the 18th, I should have another appointment to get a permanent filling and my two crowns down. This is an extremely large budgetary concern, but I should be able to pay it off within the year if I can get a better job. I should be able to pay it off regardless, but money will be tight.

I am happy. All of these things above really put me in a good place. There’s more things I’d wish to add or change, but knowing actually where I’m at is a great place to start.

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