Snowstorm Memories

A snowstorm has blanketed the area in fluffy snow. The wind swirls it around. I stayed inside specifically to wait and see if they want me to come into work. There might not be any people. There might not be any trains. I could go in early, make sure I’m there and ready for the potential barrage (or emptiness) at the brewery or I could just stay put. It’s days like today that remind me a lot of the past. Snowstorms always remind me of home.

I always wondered what exactly led the schools to call off. I would sit in bed and listen to the radio in the years before the school had a website. They would list them alphabetically and once they’d get to ‘G’ I would just wish and prey that I did not have to go into school. Sometimes, it would be exactly like it was outside here. Snow would be blowing everywhere, rattling the windows and giving a slight chill around those that weren’t seal properly. Other times, it would clear up and we would go outside and play.

It makes a lot of sense it reminds me of home, especially since home was where I stayed during snowstorms. I might go outside, sure, but most of it would be spent in the warmth inside. I may even wrap myself up in a blanket and sit on the internet doing whatever it was that I did on the internet in those years. Otherwise, I probably read a book.

In college, I only had two snow days the entire time I was there. It meant something different. This meant actually getting up and walking the half mile to campus. I trudged through the snow, like I may have to do this afternoon. I would end up freezing and irritated. I would arrive in class with cold hands and be expected to concentrate and take notes when in reality all I wanted to was be warm at home.

When I lived downtown, I never had much excuse to miss work for such a snowstorm. I always worked so close. Realistically, I could make it there when the other employees couldn’t since I lived right downtown. It was okay though. The days were generally slower, and allowed for me to get work done while doing the appropriate amount of screwing around.

I wonder if I will always have this nostalgia feel when it comes to snow. If it’ll always take me back to these moments of being at home. Today, I just sit with my kitty and get my initial writing done. I may read a little bit while I eat some chili, and then if time permits, take a nap before the potential text that tells me not to go in. Otherwise, I will bundle myself up and make my way out the door. I would trudge through the snow, and as I serve beer to the masses (or an empty room), I’ll dream about the warmth of home.

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