Sixty-Day Superhero – Day 0

I started this blog almost two months ago now. Wow, time flies. Somewhere within those two months, I think I lost my way a bit. Granted, you’ve heard me lose my way HARD a couple times. (A face plant into a NYC sidewalk can’t get much harder). Today, I am stepping back into the deep in and going head first into the super heroics once more.

No matter where you are at in life, no matter your age, job, or relationship, I believe we all have a superhero living inside of it. I have been a fan of superheroes since I was a kid. For seven years, I had the proud privilege to work in a used bookstore that sold comic books. I got to watch as people young and old explored the worlds these heroes lived. I always dreamed about being a part of them, and I’ve mentioned that on more than one occasion.

Now, I take a big step forward. I am starting a new daily post called the Sixty-Day Superhero. I am going to write about my heroic journey and help you on your own along the way. Each day, I will post an article here that I write on things that pertain to this journey. And have a weekly check in with how the overall fitness, health, and super-heroic life is going.

This will be a fun journey, and if we work hard, and remain persistent, after sixty-days a superhero will walk away where once a mere mortal stood.

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