Sixty Day Superhero – Day One

Are you where you want to be? That may be a simple question or broad. I answer ‘no’ a lot of the time, which is what led me hear today. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve seen the ups and downs of my journey so far. I have gone to the gym for several weeks consistently, write consistently, and been in order financially, only to promptly derail myself. I want to change that, and I know other people want to do this as well.

All heroes need a starting point. To most people, Wonder Woman seems like the perfect woman. She has perfect hair, beautiful features, and runs around looking great in her costume. She, like all of us, started back on an island where she was just like everyone else. She was just as strong, smart, and powerful as all the women around her. (Yes, she was a Princess too, but on an immortal island she was still equals to all her compatriots). Steve Trevor crashing down on the island forced her to don the colors of his flag added to Amazonian armor to help the stranger. This began her journey.

My journey started about three months ago when I was sitting at my old job. I was doing the same thing I did every Thursday. I was sorting through paperwork and inputting things into a spreadsheet. It was at that moment that life sort of hit me in the face. I was unhappy.

It was not the kind of unhappy that a night out would help. It was not the kind of unhappy that fiends could help. It was the dreary kind of unhappy that wears you down. I realized in that instant that I could continue to stay at this nice paying jobs with flexible time off and minor benefits, or I could step out of my comfort zone and make a change. Several hours later, I had put in my notice with the owner and scared as I was made a change. This blog happened just over a month later, and I started building a good foundation to build upon.

That unhappiness was my call to adventure. I needed something different. I needed the excitement. I needed to do what I love. I needed to get away from eating pizza daily. I needed to find myself in a better place to find out who I was. Quitting was the first step on that journey, and this is the second one.

The Sixty-Day Superhero is my stepping stone forward. Everyone has a generalized idea of what they want. They may not have a career in mind, but they know they want to lose a few pounds. They may love their job, but they do not spend enough time on their creative endeavors. We all have something we want to be an accomplish than where we are at. That is the premise of the Sixty-Day Superhero, we are creating a good foundation to build the best you possible.

What was your call to adventure? Leave it in the comments below!

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