Which Universe is Mine

This entire blog is here to help be become a superhero, but what kind of superhero will I be, and what would world I live in. Would I fight side-by-side with Captain America on the Avengers? Would I fly with Superman? Or have special powers like the X-Men? Any of these options would b awesome, but I regrettably know what universe I would be apart. Wildstorm.

The Wildcats would be waging their ongoing war with the rogue Daemonite cell. The Authority lords over Earth in their giant Carrier. And science continues to expand faster than in the real world. And Wanderer would be there behind the scenes of it all.

Why the Wildstorm?

I am a positive person. I like to look at the the world and pretend happiness abounds. Logically, I know that bad things happen. Sometimes, bad thing happen to good people. Sometimes even really bad things happen and we have no way to temper the badness. I still try to find a silver lining. I live in a dark world with rose colored glasses.

The problem with rose colored glasses is that temptations and habits tend to be glossed over, which I also tend to do. I have some pretty heinous habits. I tend to keep them on the down low, or I might low key mention a sassy or debaucherous night. I give these moments more life than they deserve and leave myself apart of a much darker world than I actually wish.

Maybe, I need to be taking the Black Canary I route. I need to move to another universe and start over. The best part of this is if my universal counterpart moves on as well. (This isn’t Rick and Morty. I wouldn’t let my other self die to take over their lives). Suddenly, I’m living a new and healthier life.

In reality, I need to be building the right universe around me. I need to be looking up to Superman instead of Majestic and Wonder Woman instead of Zealot. That will help me focus myself in the right direction. If I was on their team, what kind of role model would I need to be? What was the behavior I would feel obligated to act like? They’ve all dealt with so much, I should not do things to make myself the negative role model.

So, where do I go next? I think it’s beginning to journey to be a League member. I don’t even have my stuff together well enough to even be a Titan right now. The only team that might have me is the Doom Patrol.

I am going to make the next few weeks about that standard of heroism I expect of my heroes. And if I expect it of my heroes, I should be living the same standards.

Jumping universes means leaving some things behind, but it means a better future, a bright future, moving onwards.

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