Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Two

All of us had different callings. Some of us want to get better professionally, while others want to get in-shape. All of us are starting out at different places. Today is the day that we look at exactly where we are at. This’ll help us figure out exactly how to get where we’re going.

It seems simple. We look at exactly where we are, right now. I, for instance, am sitting down at the bar I work at typing away on my tablet. Of course, that’s not what I what I mean. I mean look at the things you are wanting to change. Try to break it down and look at it with a semi-critical eye. I say that semi-critical because you have to be honest, but not self-destructive. If you get self-destructive, you’re hurting more than helping.

I want to get in better shape. I weigh around 165 pounds. This is up almost 10 pounds from where I was at this time last year. I want to get in better shape, which also means that I will probably put on weight instead of losing it. (Muscles weighs more than fat).

Professionally, I am in a pretty decent place. I currently have two jobs. I continue to learn things bartending and learn a lot in the tasting room at the brewery. I also write constantly. The least I am writing daily now is 1,500 words. I also write a little bit of my novel on a daily basis. Speaking of novel, I have two of three parts of my novel written. Two parts are being edited. I am in a great place here, especially with a job interview for a better job in the works.

Financially, I am not in a great place. I have never been in a good place. I have a spending problem. I have lots of spending problems. I like to have things. Things make me happy. Well, things temporarily make me happy. I do have a nice budget that I semi-follow, but need to follow more closely. Right now, I have very little money in my bank account, I have nearly maxed out my credit cards, but I have started putting systems in place to get better at this.

Socially, I do pretty well. I work at a bar, which means I interact with a variety of different people. I also make time to go see my friends. The downside of this is it continues me being surrounded by alcohol which can go from being okay to being not so good. As an aside, I need to make sure I’m focusing on just being out and having fun without getting super smashed.

My final statement of where I’m at is with my eating. I do not eat well. I tend to eat a lot of cruddy food. I eat pizza. I drink too much. I drink soda and coffee. Sweets are my true love. This is probably my second worst thing outside of finances.

This is an important step in figuring out where you are going and how to get there. We will stabilize ourselves as we are now to begin to change and make ourselves better. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about where we want to go, but first let’s just figure out where we’re at.

Where are you starting at? Where are you at in life?

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