Tired Monday

I am exhausted.

The last few days have not helped this. I did not sleep very long on Saturday. Then yesterday, I happened to get up after eight hours. I got my writing done. I went to the gym, and then I went into work for another long busy shift. (It’s good. We make money during long busy shifts). Nevertheless, I am exhausted.

I need some time to recharge, but that will have to wait. Today, I have a meeting with my co-worker about some upcoming events, and then have made plans to hang out with apparently everyone who matters in my life. I do not know why I do this to myself.

Yesterday, I spoke about being an extrovert and how people charge my energy. Solitude is bad because it does not recharge me, instead it makes me anxious. After yesterday, I kind of just wan to slip into my blankets and let the world leave me alone for a little while.

However, that is not what we writers can do. Nor us superheroes for that matter. I have to stand up, don my cape and take a step out into the societal anxiety. It works thought. When I’m actually out and about, I will slowly begin to feel like myself again. The excitement will build, the fun will come and I’ll be smiling.

Life is an interesting thing sometimes. There’s a certain amount of balance that one needs to have moving forward to actually keep going. Even with this exhaustion, I have been building momentum for a lot of things. As long as I get those things, in this case my 3 blog posts, done, I can move on to anything else filling fulfilled.

Internally, I have a feeling this week is going to feel much longer than it really is. I work my usual shift, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and that should lead me to getting plenty of rest and social time. However, this week I also have a lot of events. I am going to meet up with all my friends tomorrow for karaoke, for Tuesday, the mayors of Jersey City and Hoboken are speaking about the LGBT community, and Friday, I have my usual gaming with my roommate and his friends. Each day I have SOMETHING, which makes my week sound more full than it is.

I also have a lot of posts to do. I have things to draw. I have stories to write. I have exercises to map out. And that’s not including laundry, dishes, and just overall life maintenance. This week will be a trial, or more important at this exact moment it feels like one.

I hope your week moves smoother dear readers. It’s just that time of year where the holiday has worn off and the grind continues. It leaves us weary, but I’m still smiling and ready to have a good overall year. Slow, exhausted weeks are just part of the process, and I’m still living it and doing what I need to to thrive.

How are you guys feeling about this week? How about this year? Leave your answers in the comments.

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