Sixty Days Superhero – Day Three

We spent yesterday looking at where we are. You have to know where you start before you can move forward and progress. Today, we are looking at the next step to turning yourself into a superhero. What does your perfect self look like in five years time?

I am going to go over everything I mentioned yesterday and think about what five years of work and dedication could turn into. It’s okay to dream a little bit here, because it’s all about setting up where you want to go. You want to set yourself up to be as awesome as possible.

I am in much better shape. I have worked out regularly a few days a week, which has given me a semi-muscular build. It’s nothing extravagant, but my muscles are defined. I have a good amount of flexibility from a morning yoga routine. I rotate kickboxing and tai chi classes to keep my body in shape and bring my super heroic nature constantly forward.

I write professionally. I have a variety of different books underneath my belt. I have started to work on a graphic novel. I have a script written for an audio drama that I want to start as a podcast. Along with the podcast, I want to start running a table-top role playing game that acts as cannon in the Sentinels Universe. I do draw quite a bit and have gotten better, but nowhere near exactly where I want to be. So, I keep working on it. My blogging continues to be semi-consistent. I try to write at least two blog posts a day on something or another to keep myself writing, and the more I write the more I learn.

Financially, I keep to my budget. I have been paying off my student loans regularly, and have constant check-ups which I can easily afford with my insurance. I have started a 401k for retirement. I am heavy-duty adulting in the financial department.

I still eat out quite a bit, but I do cook and have a variety of different things underneath my belt to cook. I cook three or four times a week, which is well above what I do now. It also helps that I live with someone who cooks.

Socially, I tend to do a lot more things in the afternoons with my fiends. I have a boyfriend, which has been going on for a year or so. My boyfriend and I make plans with my friends and they seem to get along with just about all of them. We also travel quite a bit throughout the year, when he can. He doesn’’t necessarily have the freedom of mobility that I do. My writing gig allows me to be on the move and work which means I make it home every three months or so to see my family.

The future looks pretty bright in terms of the person that I want to be. It’s a good place to be and I can’t wait to see what actually happens when I make I to five years.

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