Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Four

We have looked at our present selves realistically yet critically. We have looked into the future and imagined the person we want to be. Now, we begin the journey from one to the other. We start braiding ourselves of today towards our better future.

Some of us have incredibly lofty goals, and they seem unrealistic. You want to travel the world. Well, the world is a huge place. It costs money to travel and fly. You don’t speak the language. These are all long-term issues. If you want to travel the world, start by exploring what’s around you that you haven’t done. Go to a new restaurant which you can afford. Start saving up for that plane ticket. Then buy it for a few months down the line and save up for the rest of the trip! Little steps will what lead us to our big gains, but it all takes time and patience. We can all go from being a young Peter Parker into the Amazing Spider-Man.

Like the last couple of days, I am going to put out the little steps I can take bridging from one of my traits to the other, and then each week during the weekly reviews, I’ll look over them and see how far I’ve come (or if I’ve backtracked) and make appropriate changes.

Going from puff to tough isn’t exactly easy. This is going to take me spending time at the gym. Over the last week and a half, I have made it a point to hit the gym every other day. Right now, I’m just going and doing cardio. As a skinny guy, cardio doesn’t do too much for me except keep me where I’m at. However, it’s getting me to go to the gym. I need to keep that up if I’m going to build the muscle my future self has into the Flash-like runners build I want.

Professionally, I have to prioritize. I currently blog three posts a day, and honestly it’s getting to be too much. I am not getting enough time to write my stories in the Sentinel’s universe. I am going to cut back on blog posting to focus on my stories. Two posts a day has been my norm, and I just upped things when I started this 60 days. So, 60 Days and 100 Days are going to be my two blog posts moving forward, and I’m going to be writing more and working on my brand to keep myself going in the right direction professionally.

Financially will be my hardest problem. Harder the fitness. Harder the nutrition. I tend to drink and spend quite a bit of money. Then, I tip and don’t actually realize how much you spend. Moving forward, I need to make sure that I am not doing this. Cutting out alcohol seems like the easiest solution, but working at a bar, testing drinks, and such make it a hard sell. I need to limit things further. I have a good budget which keeps me focused on where I need to put my money, but I need to take it one step further and track where my money is being spent as well. It’ll help me notice what I’m doing (and realistically how much I’m spending).

A transition from finances is buying food. This is a very small step that I need to do more often. I need to make sure that I’m allocating an appropriate amount of money to food and NOT eating out as often. If I am eating out, I need to be spending as little as possible AND making it a treat to do so. This will be hard for me as well, especially because of the above.

Socially, I just need to keep doing what I’m doing. The biggest change from present me to future me is the fact I have a boyfriend. And that could happen any day and anywhere. Everything else is on me to making it work, being open, honest, and a good partner for whoever comes into my life.

Now, these are the bridges from one to the other and the first step to success. Like me, you need to look at both versions of you and find things that will lead you from one to the other. Then, take your first TINY step. If you try to run on the bridge, you’re going to trip and fall over. You just have to take it slow and your superheroic self will begin to show.

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