60 Day Superhero – Day Five

Taking the first few steps may be a breeze for some, others will have to have a nice kick in the bum. Regardless of how you’re starting, you need to find a good base of people to help you out on your journey. They are going to be the people to push you when you don’t want to get up in the morning and go to the gym, and the ones to check up on your progress. You, in response, need to be checking up on them and helping them move forward as well.

I am not great at the second part of this. My best friend, who comes up constantly on my blog, asked me to read her book and I put it off. Then, when it was published, I let her know what I thought and the issues that were presented in the printed copy. I screwed up majorly. And she lets me know about it constantly. However, she is a much better person than I am. She helps me at every instance.

The New Year came and the two of us have started to build a healthier lifestyle. It’s a constant battle for both of us, and each of us go about it differently. Our priorities are different. But, we are there to help each other other wherever we can.

In terms of fitness, we have been sending each other messages back and forth about our workouts. She is hitting it much harder than I am. She is lifting weights. She pushes herself on the stationary bike. I am just making sure I get to the gym every other day. We have different expectations.

At the same time, she is building her publishing company, and I am here to help her with that. It’s my responsibility to help her with her book and push her a little bit to make it better. I need to make the time for her, just like she constantly makes her time for me. If she’s putting the time in, I need to be putting the time in. We may not always be able to give equally, but we gotta both be willing to step up and put forth the extra effort. Let’s be honest, a best friendship is like a marriage. You’re in it equal parts.

Like I said, I am not great at his even with my closest friends, and it’s something I’m going to work on, but these are the people who help me succeed. And my success is tied to my relationships. I wouldn’t have it any other way. What fun is succeeding if your friends aren’t there beside you to enjoy it?

Today, I want you guys to look at your closest friends. Are any of them on similar fitness, financial, or professional journeys to help you move forward and progress in the direction you want? If not people closest to you, what about people on the internet? Find someone to be your supporting characters on this journey. It’ll make a world of difference and help you succeed.

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