Sixty Day Superhero – Day Seven

Building momentum is one of the most important things. I write daily because I must. No one tells me I have to, and it’s gotten easier to just sit down and do it. Sure, some of my posts aren’t great. I just cram together a bunch of words and hope for the best, but I do it. This is because over the last two months, I have built momentum in my writing. I’ve built it as a necessity to life, and that built momentum pushes me forward even when I really don’t want to be bothered to do it.

How do you build momentum? Willpower is a start. You have to start by force of Will alone to push this boulder up the hill. It’s not easy to get started at times. For instance, my going to the gym every other day is incredibly tedious. I just throw on my clothes and head towards it. I’m generally covered in irritation initially. When I complete it, I have the endorphins pumping and I’m happy I did it. This happy and knowledge of it keeps me going until the next time I go.

Willpower alone won’t keep you going. Habit will. My writing is habit. It’s the first thing I do. It’s the thing I have to do. Exercise has not made it into a habit yet. It’s where willpower comes in. You can use that force of will to get you started and establishing the habit will make the boulder roll easier.

If your willpower is not strong, this is where both your mentor and your supporting characters comes in. The people in your life can help push you forward. Continuing with the boulder metaphor, they can help you get the boulder up the hill when it seems heavy. However, you have to utilize them in small doses. They are not going to always be there to help. That’s where habit and willpower will help.

Even if you got the boulder rolling, things may derail you. And starting over may be needed. Maybe a course correction. The process starts again and that’s when you go back to enlist your friends and rebuild those habits to get you back on track.

These course corrections happen. It’s in moments like these you need to pay attention to why the correction was needed. It probably seems like a majority of my blog posts are minor course corrections. No, it’s definitely the case. I haven’t built the healthy habits to keep momentum going so the slight changes push me closer even if it’s slightly. It’s why I keep writing about it. I’m trying to change, but as Yoda said, do or do not, is no try.

None of this is easy. And it might take a while for you to set yourself up accordingly to build proper habits. It’s a slow process, but it’s a process that builds. And once you’ve built it up and got the ball rolling you can turn things around and follow it down the hill. Or something like that. Willpower. Habits. Momentum for change. It’s just as simple and complex as that.

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