Sixty Day Superhero – Day Eight

The end of the first week has happened. We’ve gotten through it, and now we’re starting week to. How did you do? It has not exactly been easy for me, regardless of me being the guy leading to charge. Every day is not going to be easy, and to some degree, each day is a challenge. That’s why every week I want to look back on both what worked and what didn’t for the sixty-day superhero. It’ll help us orient ourselves moving forward.

We started out the week just making the decision to change into superheroes. That’s an easy one for everyone to accomplish. Your reasons are your own, and I hope that this will be able to affect and help with whatever part of your life you want to excel. In my case, it’s quite a few. Financially, professionally, socially, health, and fitness are my top priorities, which means trying to split my time equally between all of them.

Day two saw us looking at exactly how we are. This helps us see the improvements moving forward, and also gives us a true starting point. Day three followed with looking to the future as to the person that we wanted to be. I mapped out all my own personal starting and future points. With day four, I bridged the gap between the two to bring me from one version of me to the other.

The next two days were talking about friends and mentors. We need both o them to succeed. We need a core community that will help us when we get knocked down, but also allows us to thrive on our own. We need positive people there, and great teachers to help us maybe even excel past our own thoughts of excellence.

The final day this week was about building momentum. Willpower will only get us so far and we are going to need built momentum and habits to keep us going. This might be the hardest yet most important part of starting out. You have to build the right habits so that even on days you’re sluggish, you still know you have to get up and do it. (It’s like me and blogging. Even if it’s not the best post, or best workout, we have to do it!).

Overall, my week has been pretty good. I worked out three times, well mostly I just went to the gym and did cardio. That’s a great start to a workout. I also went and bought food. I made sure I set up my budget appropriately. I also kept posting daily on this blog, even if there was some technical difficulties along the way. It was a good week and a good place to be starting out. I hope this week goes better and am slowly putting the things we talked about last week in place to bridge the gap between my self of yesterday and the person I want to be in five years. Momentum is building. Tomorrow looks fantastic. And you look great!

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