Sixty Day Superhero – Day Nine

Starting your first days at the gym can be hard. First off, I myself am not exactly comfortable at the gym. There seems to be a lot going on from the gym equipment, to the free weights, and all of the cardio equipment. How do you decide what exactly to do?

When I was starting my first few days at the gym, I wanted to just prioritize going. That meant that I had to make it there as much as possible. My first day, I just started by going and doing cardio. Two days later, I went to the gym again and did other cardio activities. Basically, I just worked out for twenty minutes on the treadmill. Two days later, I went and did twenty minutes on the elliptical. My final day that first week was just going to the gym and doing twenty minutes on the stationary bike. It was an easy way to start everything out. I made it it. I did the exercise. I left feeling healthy.

This week, superficially yesterday, I started my new workout. I want to do body-weight exercises and basically start by building my muscles that way. I got my workout originally from and have been using it as a starting point each time I start.

I start by five minutes on the elliptical. Then, I go upstairs and grab twenty-pound hand weights. I do twenty body-weight squats, followed by ten push-ups, ten walking lunges on each leg, ten rows with the twenty-pound weights, 45 second plank, and finally 20 jumping jacks. I do each of these within a circuit with only maybe a minute break between the reps. I do three repetitions total.

There are a few things that I should do that I have not yet incorporated into my workout. I do not stretch, and yoga is something I’ve wanted to incorporate before and after I do the major body weight workout. It’ll help stretch me out and help with my flexibility which will help greatly in the long run. I also want to make sure that I’m consistently doing cardio to keep myself and endurance strong.

I will expand things as I move along, but right now I need to just keep going to the gym every other day and doing the workout. I want to get up to doing a good stretch to begin with, four body-weight workouts, and finally a good stretch at the end. If I do this every other day, I will be in good shape, especially if I add the cardio on the days in between.

It’s a slow process overall, and I get that. I’ll get the best gains if I can just keep up with the basic workout and move from there. My body goals for exercise are definitely keeping with the same kind of body I already have and just add muscle. That means body-weight stuff works great for me.

For those looking for a bit of a harder workout, I recommend to do your research or check out for some more ideas about basic weight training. The website itself is a good starter point to any workout and will help you along in a variety of ways in terms of nutrition and mental wellness as well. Don’t hesitate to go over to to check things out.

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