Sixty Day Superhero – Day Ten

Cooking is never easy. It takes time. Starting with the fact that you have to go out and actually buy said ingredients. Then, it takes more time when you’re throwing all those ingredients together into a pot, steamer, slow cooker, oven, or pan. You have to wait for them to eat up, or the flavors to simmer together, and finally have to wait even longer for things to cool down. It’s a trial. It’s a pain. But, it’s also one of the ways to know exactly what you’re eating.

My roommate and I rarely cook at home. My roommate cooks a lot more than I do, which means I cook at home maybe twice a month. The rest of the time I am eating out at various places throughout Jersey City. It was a lot easier to do when I worked at the pizza place. It meant that I could eat a couple slices of pizza daily and that tided me over until I could get something else. Now, I get a shift meal on days I work, and have been scavenging the GrubHub for food.

This is not to say that I don’t like to cook. When I’m feeling fine and have the time, I don’t mind peeling potatoes and just getting everything ready. I sort of like the magic of flavors that can blend together if you add things together right. Yesterday, the day I meant to cook, I felt horrible. My stomach was upset, and it’s still not feeling well today. However today, I must cook after work.

On Monday, I stupidly made it to Wal Mart. I say stupidly because it was a holiday and the place was packed. I went after my gym workout, which made sense since it was right there. I grabbed all my groceries in about ten minutes and then waited in like for three times that. Upside, my headphones were charged, and I just listened to music to pass the time. When I got home, I put everything away and got ready for my day. Yesterday, I started peeling potatoes when my stomach started feeling queasy. I finished the peeling, and went into my room and laid down.

Today, I just have to get the willpower together after work to throw it all together, set my alarm, and then make sure I wake up to said alarm (if I fall asleep) so that I don’t burn it in the oven. I’m generally not that tired after work and find some excuse to simply go to sleep a few hours early. I am taking a nap to try and easy my stomach a little before work. (I am also getting my posting done before I ever leave home to take care of that stress).

I am going to try to cook weekly, and I think you should try to do so as well. Just getting yourself in the kitchen is one step towards giving yourself a healthier life. If you’re the one making the food, you’re the one choosing what food, and you’re the one eating it. It’s as good of a place as any to continue the journey. And just doing it is how we gotta start.

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