100 Days Healthier Me – Day Fifty-Seven

Stress and I have a weird relationship. I seem to over stress the minor things and the major things come at me and I am armored and ready to deal with them and move on. I am ready to stand up with my shield and sword like Wonder Woman crossing No Man’s Land to get through the hard problems, but when someone mentions my weight I fall instantly apart.

On days like today, my only stress is getting out of bed, getting my writing done, and then going into work. I have other things I could do, and I have other things I should do. None of them are going to wear down my stresses or aggravate them. It means I can just go through my day and make everything work out alright.

This isn’t to say that things could change throughout the day. I do work in the restaurant industry. One wrong person can set me of and put me down a horrible daily path. People are what define jobs in the service industry from the people you’re working for to the people who you are working with. It just makes it exciting and also potentially stressful.

For instance, last Sunday, we had a large event that led us to be packed to the brim. The event was fine with only a few issues throughout the night, but for the most part, people just had a good time. After the DJ quit, the party started dying down and people were leaving. New people entered the bar and in the first twenty minutes, someone threw up on the floor near the bathroom. As I threw coffee ground on the floor to cover up the smell, and then clean up the mess. I was over it. Stress went from non-existent to super charged. That’s how quick the tables can turn.

I have mentioned before that I try to live in this positive bubble. I can see that stress is out there coming from someone on the street to the White House, but I try to keep it minimized to the best of my ability. Things like today, where a long shower and washing away the stress down the drain has a great appeal. I can easy turn on my music and listen to it for an extra five minutes. I am not usually a long shower type of person, but it works to keep my stress at a low point.

I did mention other things I should do, that may give me minor stresses. I should throw together the Shepherd’s Pie I have wanted to make. I peeled the potatoes yesterday, but my stomach has been upset, which pizza last night probably did not help. I should also go to the gym, but my muscles are sore from Monday. I also need to read on my way into work. I will probably get one out of three of those things done, and MAYBE if I’m not exhausted after work get the Shepherd’s Pie done.

That’s my stress less as possible day today. And here’s hoping to many more down the line.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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