Sixty Day Superhero – Day Eleven

What is your perfect job? What does your office look like? Who are you working for or are you working for yourself? Maybe you’re sitting at your desk right now loving exactly what you do. Maybe you teach kids about the world around them, or you sit in a studio and paint every day. Jobs are an important part your life. They take up a lot of your time, and can either derail or enlighten your life. I wanted to take time to think about exactly where you are professionally, if you love where you’re at, or take a minute to place yourself where you want to be and explore the possibilities.

I want to own my own company. I have mentioned this before, but it’s really what I want to do. I want to work with my friends closest to me on stories that take place in the universe I am building, or perhaps work with them on their own universe within the multiverse. To some extent, I already have this going on. Marc, my roommate, and I game online. I read his work. He reads mine. We talk about our characters as if they’re real people, and he’s the first to tell me when something is out of place. Same goes for Joel. He can sometimes be a little more catty about it, but like Marc, he has the best intentions in mind. They both want me to succeed, and if I had my own company, I’d want them to be succeeding with me. Charmaine will always be at my side (or in my ear since she lives in SD) as my confidant, editor, and probably the publisher of the stories.

Now, besides writing these novels and novellas, I want to expand. It starts with comic books. Comic books are what originally got me into the superhero genre, and I want to come full circle and publish tales about the characters in a graphic format. I’d move from there into audio dramas or podcasts. I even have a friend who could currently do a theme song! I recently heard that Valiant Comics has a table-top rpg game on Twitch that is canon in the Valiant Universe. That is also my goal with me running the game and my friends (probably Charmaine, Joel, and Marc) play characters in the universe. I’d want one wild card of someone else to come in who’d just have fun with us. Overall, this would be an incredibly comprehensive universe with multiple avenues for people to enjoy it. The final frontier would be television or movies. That would be the dream.

I actually have ideas for a lot of this stuff, but it all starts out with me just writing the stories. It also takes the help of a lot of people to keep me going. I am a fickle person at my core and move from one thing to the next pretty frivolously. Luckily, I have those people in Charmaine, Joel, and Marc. We’ll make this all work together, and someday CBD Productions will be available everywhere!

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