Sixty Day Superhero – Day Twelve

Now is the time for the sacrifice. The entire point of bettering yourself to some extent is leaving behind what you don’t like. It might be weight. I might be a job. It might be a relationship. In the end, you’re in essence giving something up for something better. This is not completely the case, of course, since you have to work for it no matter what it is, but it was an idea that I wanted to write about today.

In my life, I have plenty of obstacles that I need to tackle to better myself and become the pinnacle of myself. Some of these are harder than others to deal with. I have said countless times that my finances are horrible. There are lots of little things that very quickly turn into big things. So, to get my goal, I am going to sacrifice my spending and my time.

I will get into what this entails in a second, and I know that some of you have to lay down other things. Some people will get rid of television, or sugary foods, or maybe even something as big as your job. Getting rid of them will help you prioritize what’s important. That’s what this all comes down to, giving up something for something else. You’re prioritizing.

I am going to look at my budget. I do this constantly, but what makes this different is I am going to cut back my averaged amount of tips by about 15 dollars on each night. Then, I am going to meticulously put where the spending is going. All other money will be put on my credit cards, until they are paid off. This does mean that I am going to seemingly be ‘under’ on a lot of things, but I can make do with that as it comes along.

This will, hopefully, curb anything that may happen looking forward. It also means being meticulous and trying to see what I need for the house (in terms of toiletries) and also just knowing how much laundry, gym memberships, and subscriptions cost overall. It’s going to be a long night for me, but starting tomorrow I can have everything figured out to move forward with grace and poise.

In terms of time, I need to be scheduling myself time to be writing, exercising, and working. Sleep is important, and I need to make sure that I am scheduling the appropriate 8 hours. But, I need to make sure I am also leaving myself an appropriate amount of hours to do all the things I need in the day. If I have to sacrifice time, or find ways to maximize my time, I will.

I need to make sure that I am doing the other things and promoting a healthy lifestyle overall. These two things finances and time will bridge me to being closer to who I want to be. And that is what living the superhero life is about, taking smaller steps for larger gains.

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