100 Days Healthier Me – Day Fifty-Nine

I like to think that I’ve spent my whole life forging my own path. I have a bit of a hero’s journey of my life that define it, but it’s mostly my own. I’m a small town boy from South Dakota who made his way into the big city. Then, when things weren’t workin out, he moved on to something new.

Of course, there’s a lot more that goes into that. There is trials and tribulations. They are mentors and enemies. They’re relationships that failed, and friendships that lasted. It’s a long path that has led me to where I am, and it seems like I am on the precipice of forging another journey.

I’m a gay man who likes to tell superhero stories. At the core, this describes me well. It also says a lot about me and my life focuses. The harsh reality of the world does not temper the stories I tell, nor does it make them less realistic. It just promotes the hope that I want to see in the world. The fact I am a homosexual plays into that, because I write characters who are also homosexual or bisexual. I also write straight characters. None of it really matters as long as I’m true to the story and characters within the story, but it does play a part.

As I get older, my path sometimes becomes less clear, especially in the current climate of the world. I find myself going on more rants on things and less accepting of bigotry in even its most subtle forms. It sucks when trying to surround yourself with the appropriate people who help your views, but not create a sort of tunnel vision of it being the only view. I know this kind of stuff is going to find its way into my writing and arguments will be had about it. That thought both comforts me and doesn’t.

It comforts me to know that I have grown to accept my sexuality in ways I did not think possible. I have brought myself into the culture to some extent, and want to immerse myself further in it by working at a gay bar. I use words like fabulous and fierce. I have even known to throw out a ‘yasss queeen’ now and again. But, it also means figuring out my stance on things both within my community and the female community and minority communities. What are the battles I’m willing to fight? And how will that come out in my writing down the line? Who am I fighting for?

The easy answer is to say everyone, but it’s not the case for anyone. People pick their battles and have their own personal lines in the sand. I am trying to figure out where my lines are, and they keep surrounding me making it hard to decide which one to cross.

In terms of my writing and forging my path there, I do keep changing things. Originally, all the characters in my stories were white. I started in white America with white being the only culture I know. I only dated white guys. I did not have any minority influence. I’ve now diversified everything to be more realistic so that things come off as real. I have Latinos, Koreans, Chinese, African Americans, and the entire gamete in my story, which comes from these experiences.

But, where is it going to lead? These new experiences led me here, but my current battles in terms of causes to fight are many. I am not well read, and although sometimes worldly, I seem to know less instead of more. Perhaps how I do battle is my writing, but even that is going to take time to have the honesty, openness, and truth that it needs to have in terms o these battles. Everything times time, and every journey begins with one step on the path. You can figure if it’s the right direction later.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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