Sixty Day Superhero – Day Thirteen

The easiest thing to do is talk. Yesterday, we talked about sacrificing something for the betterment of tomorrow. Today, we have to actually look and making the right priorities to put us in the right direction.

My biggest priority over the last two months has been my writing. You can see it here on my blog. (Just about) every day I have posted on this blog. That’s the bare minimum of writing I allow myself on a daily basis. Days like yesterday, I wrote 1,500 words outside of my two blog posts. Other days, I have written upwards to 5,000 words to certain stories. My biggest yearning in my life has been to see a book on my shelf with my name on it, and my sacrifice to this priority was my management position and the consistent money that entailed.

I have started to prioritize my exercising more. I have made it to the gym two times a week three weeks ago. That was my goal that week. Then, I made it three times the last two weeks. It’s been tough, it hasn’t been every other day like I wanted, but I am making it to the gym consistently. That’s the start of what I want to accomplish at the gym. It’s leading me in the write direction.

Starting today, I need to allocate each dollar I get from my bartending job to something on my budget. For instance, I am estimating that I make around 125 dollars. That means 60 dollars goes to my roommate. 40 dollars goes to a bounced Lyft payment. 25 dollars goes to food. Anything over that gets put immediately on my credit card to help pay that off. The same goes for tomorrow. I have to prioritize my spending a lot better than I have been or else I’m going to have no money to do anything with in my future. I’m living like a college student again instead of the adult that I have become.

I need to also put together a recipe to make something on Monday again. That 25 dollars, and whatever I make on Sunday, will go towards food for Monday and Tuesday. I need to do dishes tomorrow before I go into work, and then I will grocery shop and cook for Monday and Tuesday. The shepherd’s pie that I made lasted me for most of the week, and that was only twenty-dollars and about an hour of my time. That’s definitely worth it.

I need to put fast food, eating out, and alcohol to the back burner. They’re messing with my priorities and I can’t keep having that happen. I need to establish a focus in the right direction with my money and with my nutrition. Prioritizing the right things and keeping with it is the road to success. We can do this.

What are some things that you are going to prioritize this week? What can you do to not get in your own way of these priorities? Let me know below in the comments.

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