Sixty Day Superhero – Day Fifteen

The last week has had some ups and downs for me. It started of pretty easily setting myself up for a week of exercise and cooking, and ending with once again finding myself in the right kind of headspace that will make everything more streamlined down the line.

I started by going over my first few days at the gym. Throughout the week, I continued to go to the gym. My workout was the same simple workout as Monday the other two times I went this week. It took a lot of effort to get myself up out of bed some days, but I did it. Going to the gym makes me feel constantly empowered in a minor way. I feel strong after my time at the gym, and I will continue to do it. I missed today because of the turn of events, but never miss two days. I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

Cooking was something that I needed to do more. I spent Monday night and Tuesday to actually cook a Shepherd’s Pie. It was delicious overall, although a little bit heavy. The downside of Shepherd’s pie is the amount of dishes and the amount of time that goes into it. It worked out to have food for quite a bit of the week which was good. It also meant that I didn’t need to spend extra money on food, which was the goal overall. My mission was achieved.

We looked at the future jobs we want to have. I am a writer at my core. I’m a bartender because I enjoy it. I want to expand on both these things and keep them both in the forefront. Within the last week, I had two job interviews and both jobs are very different in terms of what they offer. I can’t wait to see which ones pan out.

Looking at the future and the betterment of yourself, there is always things that we have to give up. The most important thing I’ve given up is time and money. All of my money is being allocated to something. I plan to be using my time appropriately and progress forward. It’s really not easy with a lot of things in the ‘want’ pile. I don’t need any of it, so let’s try to keep with it. The hardest part of about everything is doing exactly what I say, versus just talking about it. This is the hardest part about trying to be a superhero is actually doing just that.

Yesterday was a stressful day or me. I had the job interview today, and everything went incredibly well. I also ended up staying out way too late last night. It did not place me in the best mentality in the morning. With the help of a few texts from my friends, I got myself up out of bed and made my way into the city. It wet swimmingly. Let’s hope that I hear back very shortly with good news. Last week was about continuing on, and this week is upping my game.

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