Sixty Day Superhero – Day Seventeen

I have been going to the gym for several weeks now, and changing my workout routine always puts me in a little bit of a dizzy. I never know exactly what to do, nor how far to go in any sort of direction. Changing your work out regularly is important to stop yourself from reaching a plateau. I may have not been doing this for that long, but I want to make sure I constantly progress forward. I am just always nervous as to how.

As I have put up in my last post, my workout is fairly simple right now. It goes as follows:

20 Bodyweight Squats

10 Push-Ups

10 Lunges (Each Leg)

10 20 lb Rows (Each Arm)

45 Second Plank

20 Jumping Jacks

I do this all as a quick circuit. I start one, take a few breaths, and move on to the next. I sometimes take more than few seconds between one set of the circuit. I start out with 5 minutes on an elliptical to get my blood moving.

This week, I added 10 sit-ups after the push-ups. I was not sure exactly what else to do, and this seemed like an easy thin to add considering I want to try and tone up my midsection.

Part of me wants to add some yoga poses to the beginning and the end of as well. But, I do not necessarily feel comfortable just beginning to do yoga. I am not great at it, and although I have had a handful of yoga classes in the past, I don’t want to hurt myself doing it. So, I am at an impasse.

This is probably all just fear. I don’t want to get hurt. I don’t want to look stupid. I need to move beyond these thoughts and begin to build up a more rounded workout routine.

Another thing I might start doing is more cardio on the days I don’t body-weight train. I do eat a ton of crappy foods, which are probably one of the reasons I am keeping on the extra ten pounds. The cardio would also keep me going to the gym a bit more regularly.

Add all of these things together would probably keep me moving in the right direction. The downside is that I don’t want to overdo it.

I think I need to get over my fear and just start. I can find some simple yoga poses to at least end my workout with. That’ll add flexibility to my overall routine. More cardio will add endurance. Both are things that are needed to round out a workout, especially in the long term. I just need to map it out and start slow.

Starting next week, I will add the yoga poses at the end of my three day a week. The following week, I will start doing more cardio to hopefully burn calories. In conjunction, it’ll be a good progression moving forward. And help me be in a very good place physically when I make my way to New Orleans.

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