Sixty Day Superhero – Day Eighteen

Relaxing is important. It’s the other side of working hard for your goals. You need to give yourself a few moments to actually breathe.

I wanted to talk about this as we’re at the last part of our first month. I woke up this morning and actually felt like garbage. I was also itching like crazy around my elbow. I was supposed to get up, put my clothes on, and go o the gym. Instead, I ended up taking some allergy medication and laying back down. I wanted to get up at 1030, and actually got out of bed at 2.

The big thing about ‘relaxing’ days is that you can still get things done. You just don’t want to stress your body or your mind. Writing these blogs is something that I feel like I have to do. It’s like showering before I leave the house. I have to do it to really start my day, relaxing or no.

These relaxing days should be about you or maybe you and your significant other. It’s about winding down as the world continues to move chaotic around you.

Personally, I like to lay in bed, write my blog posts, and then just read comics or my current book. I like to just take everything in and imagine myself elsewhere. It allows me to explore other worlds and just live for a little bit outside myself. It’s a brilliant feeling to have.

Relax days also help me prepare for the upcoming chaos. Tomorrow, I have a lot on my plate with a meeting, gym time, and writing. I may even meet up with a friend afterwards. It leads to a very long day, followed by work on Saturday and Sunday. Today, needs to be the day I do nothing on productive.

Of course, I am still going into work at the brewery, but in comparison to running around or lifting tables, this is a much easier job to handle. It’s also things Ike that I have to deal with during my hectic life.

As such, I am going to cut this off as a shorter than usual post. I am trying to relax, and I really don’t want to force it. Wha do you do on your rest day? Do you give yourself time to rest? How can you incorporate this into your week/month? How can you fit in some personal time? Let me know in the comments below.

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