Sixty Day Superhero – Day Nineteen

I am actually behind on my posting, which throws me a bit for a loop. It’s not a huge problem, although I do apologize for those who keep watching everyday. Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day offline, which I haven’t done in ages. I recommend everyone to take some time away from technology, and just give in to the world around you.

We tether ourselves to technology, and I am probably worse than most. You will always see me looking at my phone. Sometimes, it is just for basic information like which Marvel Avenger fought Loki in some issue, or finding a certain picture of Wonder Woman. Other times, I use it to listen to music and drown out the sounds of the world around me. I can use that same music to keep me upbeat while I’m working out. It’s all just pulling you away from the moments in which you’re living in.

I was hanging out with a friend yesterday afternoon, and we just chatted and hung out. We talked about our futures, pasts, and just spent time getting to know each other. This may sound odd, considering we are friends and we do hang out quite a bit, but it always feel like we’re in a rush of people. The waves of life were always crashing around us. Life is always present, and we’re just wading through it. It made sense to pull it back and just chill out.

It led for a good afternoon. I then went home, took a nap, and then promptly went out again to meet with the group of friends. At that point, I just moved my body back and forth to the music while listening to my friends talk. I don’t ever take time to stand back and observe. I don’t ever take time to just live in the moment. I always have so much going on in my head that it makes it hard to concentrate at times.

It’s why overall that yesterday just felt really good. I was not going to get completely angry or beat myself up for not writing these posts. I was not going to worry about it until, well today. I have the same to write up everything and more. And I think it was good for me, and may be good for others to step back and do something similar.

Sitting down your phone, walking away from the computer, or just turning off the television can give you some time to see the things around you clearly. You don’t always have to be running wherever you go. Sometimes, you can take a step back and just stand. You can feel the weight of gravity on your skin, or a fresh chilly wind across your cheek. Heck, just sitting with your cat and petting her can create that link with the world. It connects you with the world in a very different way than the internet, and that experience I recommend to anyone.

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