Sixty Day Superhero – Day Twenty-One

Creating a balance between you professional life and your personal life if sometimes incredibly complicated. I, for instance, have run myself a bit ragged the last few days. On Friday, I forgot to post. I double posted everything on Saturday. Then, Sunday was just filled with exhaustion from Saturday and more weight thrown on my shoulders for work. Today, I want to try and figure stuff out so I don’t just keep double posting ad nauseum.

This is hard even for the best of people. We have work which allows us to pay for things we need, and we have our personal life that keeps us moving in the right direction. The personal life seems less important here. Why? Well, it doesn’t necessarily pay your bills. It doesn’t keep a roof above your head or put food on your plate. It doesn’t allow you to have the shiny things in your life. However, it’s during the time with friends or by yourself that you can actually find happiness.

I find my happiness in socializing and with writing. Days like today, although tedious, are not really that hard. I just have to focus on my writing for a few hours, and I am all caught up. I can only do this really on days that I’m not working. Saturday, I did it because I had to, but it created a kind of vacuum inside of me for Sunday. I didn’t have the mental energy to just sit down and throw out a thousand words in a few minutes. I needed to give myself some time to rest.

However, you also need to make sure that your personal life doesn’t bother your professional one. Professionalism is something I am still learning. It’s one of the things I struggled with at my job at the pizza place. It was hard for me to move from being ‘one of the guys’ on the counter to management. I could not just suddenly become this other person. In my first year there, I had put back 15-20 Bud Lights with a friend out in front. So, all of them had seen me as a silly drunk. You can’t take that away. It also sticks with you moving forward. So, be careful about how your two lives interact with each other.

You need to respect both sides of your life, the personal and the professional. They’re both exactly who you are. If you’re like me, you are a social creature who likes to be out and about. I like to write and want it to become part of my professional side one day. Maybe you like to have fun. Maybe you like to go in and get your work done to the best of your ability, and you like to wind down afterwards. These can all work together, and for me most days, they do. It just takes work, and even then sometimes you get behind. Acknowledging both parts and blending them together in a healthy manner is what makes us heroes.

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