100 Days Healthier Me – Day Sixty-Nine

I am a social creatures, which is one of the things I love about myself. I have troubles with this, as I’ve stated. My truth was the fact that I kind of believe so little in myself that someday my friends are going to all drop me. However, that is neither here nor there. I love my friends, I love the people around me, and I hope I impact my life in the same kind of way that they’ve all my life as great as it is.

Today, I am hanging out with some of my friends. It’s just hanging out with some karaoke, but since I do it at work, I also am hanging out with my co-workers. They work incredibly hard on nights like today, and I hope I keep it together and don’t stress them out too much.

I plan to give my bestie a call when I’m on my way to the light rail and at least let her know how much she matters to me. At the very least, she’ll read this sometime in the future and see how much I appreciate her, and how much she matters to me, even when we don’t have long to talk to each other.

I have been texting my OTHER bestie all morning. It started with a Harry Potter dream. Now, I am telling him how much his nephew seems to love his based on pictures.

We all live in this rapid world and have all these people so close to us. It’s nice to just take a moment and realize how great life is with them. I have my followers whose every like gives me a smile. I have my roommate who role plays with me constantly on a forum. Even my regulars stopping in and joking with me at work makes me feel a little bit more complete about my life.

I will probably call my dad or mom once I get off the train. I tend to check up with them constantly, and it always ends with the ‘I love you’. It makes me feel incredibly privileged to have this closeness with my family that other people do not have. I hope that they can find it with the family they make out there in the world of friends and acquaintances, girlfriends and boyfriends, or just find the peace inside themselves to love.

I hope the people reading this can go out there and tell people how much they matter to them. We cannot share enough love, especially with the world seeming to try and beat us down. It’s such a good thing to just love the people around you.

It’s going to be a pretty simple day for me today, especially since I have the the majority of my writing done before I even leave the house. That means that my friends will get all my attention. I wonder if they know what they’ve got in store for them. Love is love is love is love.

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