Sixty Day Superhero – Day Twenty-Three

On this blog, I have spent a lot of time talking about the people closest to you during this journey. I have compared it to superheroes, and I have even mentioned potential mentors that are these wonderful fictional characters that we follow. There are websites out there determined to give you the body of these heroes, and others like my favorite NerdFitness try to create this nerdy balance between nutrition, health, and your life. I want to talk today about using your inspiration as a guideline for your own excellence. Start here and find yourself along the way.

I am going to use Wonder Woman. Why? Well, she’s obviously completely different than me in a lot of ways, but it’s also that difference that will help me figure out my own journey as I move along. She’s also well known by a lot of people and that will cut down on some explaining when it comes to who the characters is. When you choose your own character, feel free to do someone way more obscure as long as it’s a positive influence moving forward.

Wonder Woman is a strong woman from an island of strong women. She has found her love in Steve Trevor. She works, or has worked, for military operations throughout her tenure as a super-heroine. She’s a vegetarian, I mean if you speak with animals why would you want to be eating them? She also pushes herself athletically before she left the island. She had a turn belief in her gods with all her heart. She studied languages of the world. She learned of history and philosophy. She trained herself to be the best she could be. Of course, there’s the other side of it that she’s a princess of a mystical isle and ambassador to the United Nations. Those give her very different perks and privileges.

I am no ambassador to the outside world, and my upbringing could be said to be some ‘mystical place’ being that I grew up in the middle of nowhere. Although I was born in England, I am no royalty. So, its going to be the other things that I focus on. That means we’re focus on food, athleticism, spiritualism, languages, and overall education.

I thought of all this a while ago, and if you look back on the majority of the things I am doing it’s on one of these paths. I spend my days reading about philosophy and trying to learn about mindfulness. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week. Now, I just need to keep training with history and spiritualism. You just have to break it down.

From that point, you begin to find out what path to follow. Maybe you start studying history and want to know more about it. Follow that path. If you end up loving exercise, you can keep doing that and find other ways to keep your mind moving forward. It’s just building your own path and letting these mentors guide your forward. Don’t ever become trapped by the things you do, or by the characters you use to help. They’re helping. You’re incredible and you can be everything you want. Sometimes we just need help.

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