Sixty Day Superhero – Day Twenty-Seven

I have talked a lot about mapping paths moving forward. That alone is not easy, but staying organized is even harder, but it can make things so much easier if you work at it.

If you had seen my bedroom, it’s a bit like a child’s. I won’t even give myself ‘college room’ status. That’s just the scary reality. I have clothes strewn all across the floor. I have comic book posters across the wall. I have pictures of comic book panels and superhero teams on the wall. Add to a futon mattress, a couple dirty dishes, and stacks upon stacks of books, my room is a hot mess.

One of the things I want to do over the next week is change that almost completely. My friend made a bit fun of me about this when I told him that, but he said something that was kind of poignant. (One of the many poignant things he says to me). He said that if you don’t change the things around you, you’re not going to be changing. Okay, he probably said it much more eloquently, but he does speeches and things so that makes sense. Nonetheless, the idea of internalizing a messy space to a messy life made a lot of sense.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that if I clean up and organize my room I’m going to suddenly have a completely organized life. I have to keep up with it to keep things going. I have to internalize organization in the same way that I have internalized the hot mess that has been my life.

I have a lot on my plate moving forward. I am working on a novella. I am working on another novel. I am editing two novellas. I am working on a podcast. I am starting to work on a story blog. That’s basically five different stories that I am currently working on. I also have two months events to get working on and planning for my job and work itself. This is going to take a lot of organization, especially since I have to start up a business. It also is going to cost me a lot of money.

I can do all this. It will take work and a helluva lot of constant vigilance. But organization will make everything better. It’ll also factor into time management. Which I am not horrible with, but it’s something I can still definitely work on. My life is going well and I need to keep it on that positive plan.

Organization is important, and it’s a constant struggle. You need to start big, and then keep up with it as you go along. It’s how I keep up with my budget. I built it. I make small adjustments. But, I always know when things are do. I am paying things off. I am struggling, but that is what happens when you’re trying to make it big. You take things one step at a time, and eventually you may find yourself in an organized struggle, and be struggling slightly less for it.

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