Sixty Day Superhero – Day Twenty-Six

I once read that most people don’t get out of the 3 mile circle in which they live in. It might have been 10 miles, or maybe even 30. What this said regardless of the mileage was that we are creatures of habit. We go to the same place for coffee daily. We eat at the same places. We go to the same corner store. We don’t change an awful lot. Today, I want you to do use that, take a chance on something different.

I cheated a little on this one. I had the offer yesterday from a friend to hang out with her in the Bronx. I, at first, said no. Then, I realized a lot of it was just the time it took to get there. In reality, that should not have mattered. I had nothing on my plate for Friday so traveling was not a bad thing. What the hell. I shouldn’t let time or distance deter me from something new. So, yesterday morning, I got on a train, went to a different Starbucks than usual, and made my way to the Bronx.

It turned out to be a wonderful experience. I went more into detail about it in my last blog post, but it got me super excited to try new things again and constantly be doing cool things.

Living next to Manhattan, you’d think I would spend more time checking out new places, but just like the people I talked about in the beginning, I have become a creature of habit. I go to the same bars. I eat at the same restaurants. Heck, I still write from time to time at my old job instead of trying something new and writing elsewhere. I have turned into one of those people of habit.

It’s why simple things like hanging out with a friend in someplace new is important. Even if it’s the same for them, it’s new to you and you give them a new perspective of a consistent event in their own life. You are helping each other grow and change. And that’s brilliant.

You can’t grow without new stimulus. New friends. New books. New foods. Good or bad, you change and grow. That’s one of the most brilliant things we do as humans. That’s magic.

I need to put and instill this more into my lie. Diversity makes the tapestry of life more beautiful and gives the monotony a hard kick to the cub. It’s not always easy, and I’m sure there are people with anxiety out there that complicates things. Start small if you have too, maybe just order a different type of coffee or something different from your favorite restaurant. Any small change can lead to bigger ones. It may be a great new thing in your life, but you do’t know until you try.

What can you do today to change things up? Maybe say hello to a strange at the bar or get your morning coffee someplace different?

No matter what, keep being awesome.

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