Sixty Day Superhero – Day Twenty-Eight

Word of Wisdom

Today is rough. I always picture Sundays now as the worst day of my week. It’s not horrible on an emotional level, but it’s the doubling up on exhaustion that is doing it for me. I slept in today instead of going to the gym for the fourth day in a row. I then sped out of my apartment and forgot my keys and my wallet. And because I forgot my keys, I will not be getting into work early today to set things up. It leads me to feeling like I’m running all day today.

How does my sorrows of the day factor into the sixty-day superhero? Well, I’m sure other people have days like today and it makes it really hard to stay on task. It’s day like today that people want to curl up into little balls in their bed and set everything else aside. Instead, you have to find solutions to your problems, diligently move forward, and try to keep your head high.

Rescheduling the gym was easy. I had been keeping up with it the last few days, so I will go tomorrow and do that. I went yesterday and the two days prior. I hope to spend the next 5 days going to the gym before I do anything else. This’ll keep me on task and give me the weekend to veg-out and just rest-up. Next weekend, ALL weekend is going to be busy with work and I don’t want to have the added stress of worrying about missing the gym.

The lack of wallet took some working. At first, I simply thought about adding money to my Starbucks card. As you know, I Starbucks every morning/afternoon before I go to work. I did not have my atm card saved. A quick google search and I found out I can use Apple pay. I put money on my card, and now I am moving forward with coffee and a blueberry muffin.

The final thing is the big one. I do not have my keys. I am the one with a set of keys for work on Sundays. That rectified itself pretty quickly considering my usual Sunday partner-in-crime is not working. She found someone to cover her shift who also has a set of keys. That worked out well for me. The final issue, however, is me getting home at the end of the night. I do not have keys to get into my apartment. That means sitting around waiting for a good 12 hours before anything happens or heading into the city and hanging out with my roommate. I don’t really MIND doing it, but I would rather be at home sleeping. That will figure itself out by the end of the day.

Even when the day is looking down, things can work out. You just have to keep your head up and keep walking. It’s not easy sometimes, but don’t overwork yourself. Take one thing at a time, and keep on keeping on. You can do this.

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