Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Twenty-Nine

One of the things I’m realizing moving forward, and that will permeate well past the sixty day heroics I’m currently do is that being a hero is all in your head. You need to have the right mental techniques in place to push yourself forward. I learned this with all the mental gymnastics I did last week, and want you to think about that as you think about your last week.

The first thing that we looked at last week was looking at our own personal heroes to grow. I used Wonder Woman. She is my hero for a lot of reasons, and she continues to shine with her new movies and her comics. She’s a vegetarian, she’s a strong woman, she’s a queer character, she’s smart, and she’s a fighter. I looked at her as a hero and mapped out the basics of what she did to implement the things in my own life. Art, music, languages, and fight skills are all things I need to add. But being a superhero takes time and effort, and my focus is elsewhere at the moment. Nonetheless, she’s a great inspiration and the ideas she represents are something to aspire to.

The week before threw me off a little, and I had a mini restart this week. Restart is good. You know the game and you now the obstacles that are before you. It’s good to take a step back every once in a while and get yourself right on track. I did that, and I’m going to be better off for it in the long run. It’s kind of like when you play Zelda and missed something. You restart the game at the last save point and move forward to grab it. That’s what I needed to do, and I’m golden.

On Thursday and Saturday, I talked about a couple things that went really well together. (If I was more organized I’d have had them back to back). I talked about mapping things out for the future and keeping organized. If you create a road map to success and follow it, you’re going to be better off than just flailing around and hoping things work out. The key here is organization. You need to actually make the map, have the map handy, and have your life imitate the one you wish to do. The law of attraction is in full swing and an organized life will lead to an organized future.

On Friday, I talked about leaving your comfort zone. We all have little bubbles that we involved ourselves in. The problem with these bubbles is they stagnate. You need to leave your comfort zone to bring in new experiences and new sensations to help shape your world moving forward. I did this by going to the Bronx with a friend, and it sounds like I’m going to do it again by going to Harlem to take pictures for my brother on Friday before a friends birthday party. It’ll be great. It’ll be fun. It’ll be an adventure.

Finally, yesterday I talked about use keeping positive as you move forward. Sometimes, life is going to squirt you right in the eye with a lemon and then chuck it at your stomach. It’s not easy, but you should pick up the lemon and do something awesome with it. (I’m not a fan of lemonade). Maybe you can juggle it? Maybe you can cut it up into garnishes? Who knows, but try to turn the day around. You control your mood, you control your destiny, and keeping a smile is going to make it better.

Overall, last week went really well. I keep getting behind on blog posts, but I think that’s going to happen as I go along. My life is getting busier, but I’m still putting them out. Today, I am getting both these out before I go into my unexpected work shift while trying to smash in a meeting with my editor. I already made it to the gym, got both blog posts written, editor meeting in 8 minutes, and work in an hour. It’s definitely one of those days. Keep up the good work guys, and may your Monday be awesome.

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