Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Thirty-Two

I have talked before about finding the perfect place to write. My roommate will sit and listen to music while he’s typing paragraph after paragraph of his novel. Other people need silence. I oddly cannot be completely comfortable. I sit down at Starbucks and find a table. I then having the music playing, customers talking to one another, and the baristas calling out orders. It creates it’s own music and allows me to concentrate on my writing.

There are other things that factor into this. I need to actually sit down and concentrate on the words flowing from my mind and through my fingertips. I sometimes get caught up switching back and forth from messenger to facebook to comic book news websites. I then find myself writing no more words, but knowing a little bit more about the superhero world. Sometimes, my stomach hurts and I can’t really focus where I need to on the story. Sometimes, I’m just preoccupied with things in my head. It’s moments like this you need to progress forward and find your Zen.

When I sit down to write, I tend to have a various idea of what I want to write. Today for instance, I have two scenes I want to complete. One scene is the opening scene of the final part of my novel. I have written it before, but accidentally deleted it, and then the scene right afterwards in a hospital. I don’t exactly know how the second scene is going to play out, but I have a general idea of the first. Both will lead me onward to something different in the story. It’s one of my favorite things as a writer. However, other times, I just sit down and start writing a character and see how it fits. Making it work more fluidly comes later during the editing.

Finding that balanced mind to do all this can be complicated, especially I there are outward factors involved. Sometimes, I don’t have my seat at Starbucks. Other times, I don’t have an idea or am distracted. It’s in those moments that I need to fly by the seat of my pants. The biggest thing is that I sit down at do it. It’ll never be completed unless I do that and that’s what it is most important. I think my personal Zen comes in when I have been doing it for a few days and things start to flow naturally.

It’s been a few weeks since that has been the case, which is why I am sitting down and talking about it. I do write something everyday, even if I don’t write something productive. There are a few words written into a small notebook in my bag, a few blog posts, or maybe just a forum post or two. These words keep my mind moving, but they only placate creativity for a shot while. Eventually, I will have to sit down again and push out another 1,000 words that lead to my personal stories.

I know today was kind of a ramble, but I’m boning up or a day of writing and putting words on a page to get one step closer to finish my novel. Today is a day I definitely need to find my own Zen.

How do you center yourself to be productive? How do you go about doing something you know you have to do, but can’t really find the will? What are those things?

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