Sixty Day Superhero – Day Thirty-Three

We are over halfway through the sixty days. We have had a major force and focus on how to think about health and fitness. I wanted to take a long look at how far we’ve come today and how to keep going. No matter where you are, be it day one, or day thirty-three with the rest of us, you’ve started your journey for excellence.

Changing your life isn’t easy. You’ve spent every moment up until this point building you exactly as you are. Your habits have been constantly reinforced and there isn’t a magic wand to change it. You have to take a step in the right direction and constantly course correct to keep you doing on your path.

Look at me. I’m not perfect. I am skinny, but I want to be a little more built. I also need to be healthy which all the junk food and booze in my diet says I’m not. I want to be an author and although I write daily, it takes a lot of constant vigilance to write a good novel. I also want to have a fun and exciting life of travel which takes money. That’s me in a nutshell.

I have started to save very slowly. I’m have been making sure all my bills are paid and done so that my upcoming trip will be fun and without worry.

Money will always be a little problematic for me. I like things and I like spending money. I just need to learn more patience and will power. I will not be reading most books as soon as I get them. I don’t need them. I am about to get a bunch of cash back from my tax return and need to make sure I spend it wisely. It’ll be tough but I’ll do it.

I started going to the gym regularly. I have even got a couple friends onboard to make sure I go regularly. My diet is still more than a little in flux, but that’s something I can work on as I go along.

My writing is my future. I have a friend who is editing my novel and she has been keeping me constantly on track. By the time I go to New Orleans, I will have a completed novel draft and much of it edited to completion. It’s just a start on a writing career, but a start means I’m on the right path.

At its core, this sixty day superhero is to put you on the right track. You can do a lot in sixty days but day sixty one comes after and you’ve got to take another step forward towards the next sixty days. I have come far in this journey with the help of this blog. It’s not exactly where I want to be, but it’s setting me to find that place down the line. Nonetheless, I am living the superhero life. And if I can do it, I know you can do it too.

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