Sixty Day Superhero – Day Thirty-Four

Going Back To Move Forward

Your past sometimes weighs you down. You carry along a lot of what people call baggage every day. You have ex boyfriends or girlfriends who still pop up in your life. You have hateful words that keep you awake at night from years ago. You have old fears that crop back up at the most unexpected times. These things hold you back. However, even in the face of all this baggage of the post, you need to take a step forward and move past it.

Oh look, another easy concept Josh. I have recently been asked to work another shift at the pizza place. Now, I do not exactly like the idea of being an on call employee. I cut my ties with it, and really wanted to move on beyond it. However, this place gave me a lot of opportunities and set me up for greatness. At the same time, the manager position stressed me out and gave me a bit of a lethargy for life. I basically just worked. I woke up to text message. I went to sleep with text messages. I opened and closed and closed and open. I never had any sort of consistent things in my life. When I quit, I wanted to run away as fast as I could from this place and find the new me.

Three months later, I am going to work a shift. They are going to pay me a good wage for a simple 8.5 hours. It’s going to be an extra 153 dollars. That means that I have extra money coming in that I normally would not have had. It also means that on one of my days off I am going to have food that I do not need to pay for. It means I’m spending less money. I also have nothing needed before or after my shift, except to come in and do it. That’s awesome. I’ll be almost half paid with my rent for March, which means more money will be put into my New Orleans Trip.

Of course, this is not the same kind of baggage. It’s not an ex boyfriend who continues to pop up and throw your emotions in a tizzy. It’s not hateful words spoke decades ago that cause recurring nightmares. But it is going back to something that was horrible and turning it into something awesome in the future. It’s turning over a new leaf moving forward and making things that were once bad better. Sometimes, you can’t do that. Sometimes, you just have to find a way to let things be and move on.

Sometimes, like this, you get lucky and have a chance to turn former stress and aggression into a better future, even if it’s just for a trip. It also continually sets me up for greatness. That’s part of the entire point of my life right now is to succeed. It’s not as easy as just saying it. You have to do it. In this case, I have to sacrifice time to make money. This is the heroic life I want to lead, and I’m happy to turn a former stress into a proud future.

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