100 Days Healthier Me – Day Eighty-Four

I am going to talk about giving in two different ways today. One is the first time

I saw this a couple months ago and the second is the other is my current goals for donating my time and positivity.

I remember where I was sitting when I first read this prompt back in December. I first figured a bunch of complicated ways of going about it like paying a cup of coffee at Starbucks forward or something. Then, one of those Facebook Fundraisers came up from my friend and fellow bartender. I could not pass up the easy option of throwing money at the problem and letting it go away.

However, that’s a horrible way to look at it. Sure, I took the time and gave the money. But that only helps if it actually gets to the people who need it. I do trust my friend, but it’s the way to keep your hands clean way of giving back. It’s not bad and the money helps, but there are more fruitful ways to help.

The job I work at hosts a Lesbian Night once a month with Hudson Pride. It’s one of the few lesbian events that happen in the area and drives in a good crowd. It’s one of the first things I did when they asked me to do events at the bar was that I wanted to do an event like this. Granted, part of this was far from altruistic. The more people we have in on Sundays means the more money that I’m making. However, that wasn’t what set me out to do it. Instead, I wanted to give people a space where they don’t normally have one. In the end, everyone has a good time, we make money, and people can come together.

I want to do more things like this. I want to be part of the kinds of things that I was not apart of back home. Sure, I had a short stint with the GSA at my university, but it was never a passion. The people around me did not have the kind of passion that the people do here. And honesty, I was not ready to fully confront the kinds of negativity that came with doing something like that in South Dakota. I am far from fearless. I want to get more involved, which I have mentioned before. Hell, one of the reasons I moved here is for boys. Helping other people who like boys not have to leave their home to achieve their dreams is something worth being a part of.

I keep seeming to put more things on my plate, but I can do all this. I am supporting my community with the stories I write, the events I work and help organize, and hopefully more things on the horizon. It’s not more, not really, it’s just part of the same evolution towards the me I want to be. It’s no less work, but it’s definitely something I’m worth working on.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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