Sixty Day Superhero – Day Thirty-Seven

I have thought a lot about my goals for 2018. I don’t think this is going to be some magical year that turns me from a pumpkin into a prince. Instead, I am looking at it as a time of great change in my life: an apocalypse of sorts. I have three major goals that factor one into the other and all have to do with me personally. I want to change my outlook of the world, I want to change my lifestyle, and I want to change my look.

First off, let’s start with the last. I want to change my look based on the life I lead. It’s a cosmetic difference at the core, but there is something to say that when you change your look you change yourself. Your look and how you hold yourself are the first thing people are going to see about you. They are going to initially judge you based on that look alone. I want to make sure this is the last thing I do, because I want the other two to overpower it. My outlook on the world and my lifestyle will both define exactly what I’m wearing. It’s important that they all look together so that when people judge me it fits with the person and idea cluster that stands before them.

Heading backwards from there, there are a lot of things that I’ve been working on to change my lifestyle. I have hit the gym again this morning. Granted, I had three days off between my last four sessions. I need to make sure that I go tomorrow and get that cardio in. Besides working out, I need to work at my financial lifestyle. I have not been spending as much money. This is mostly so that I am saving for things in the future. I need to keep this going. I need to be saving money and putting it away. I do not want to get behind on anything and so far, I have not. I also want to clench a new job and work on perfecting my craft as a bartender. I also wan to be working on my novels so that my life as a novelist continues. My company will follow. All of this will define how I live my life. And I want to live the greatest life possible.

The final, and premiere goal, is outlook. This will affect everything down the line and it’s why I show cased it last. How you look a the world defines everything. I am an optimist. I am trying to be kinder. I am trying to find more compassion. I am hardly a villain in the store, although like everyone I have that kind of potential with a few bad choices and misdirected anger. I don’t ever want to head in that direction. I want to live a healthy, fantastic life, and that takes having the right outlook. I need to come to terms with the way I look and accept my beauty within that others see. I need to fill myself with the light others see in me and bask in it. It’s why I put this first, and it’s the hardest. If I can rewrite my mental insecurities and face them head on, I will really be the superhero I want to be. The Lifestyle will fall into pace, and the look will follow suit. In the end, that’s just money thrown at clothing stores.

These aren’t easy goals. They’re lofty, but they’ll go well beyond 2018. And the future is around every corner. I am working on making the present just as ideal.

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