100 Days Healthier Me – Day Eighty-Five

I love music. There’s no other way to say or discuss it in my life as simply. I have Bluetooth headphones I normally use, and a second set sitting in my coat if these die. The only time i don’t really listen is when I’m reading and writing, and then the music of the world is enough. Lately, I’ve been listening to a particular playlist to reorient me towards the future.

I created a “Young Josh” playlist when I first got Spotify a couple years ago. It started with every song I could remember from before college. It is complete with Reba McEntire, Sugarcult, the Ataris, and Dashboard Confessional. I have thrown in a few others like Jewel or Third Eye Blind as I remember them. I remember all of these songs so vividly.

I used to have a six disc CD changer in my room as a kid. I would play the same 6 CDs over and over again. Sometimes, I would fall asleep listening to the same song all night. I can remember the irritation that my family had at my music choices, specifically Avril Lavigne Who I could just not stop listening to.

As I got old, the artists change but not really the style. Lady Gaga came into the picture and, better late than never, Madonna. There was something about these women that astounded me. You could dance to their music but with songs like Express Yourself and Born This Way, they said something to me as a flowering homo.

Right after my best friend and I met, I remember dancing to Rihanna at this place in Brookings. It was Halloween and there was that fake webbing on the walls. She and I danced like the world was ours and no one could take it from us. She wrapped the webbing around herself dancing and singing as I dance like some satyr around her. We haven’t really stopped dancing in the years we’ve met, although distance separates us we still hear the call of the music that brought us together.

Other people have brought music into my life. My ex brought me to shows and great artists like Fleetwood Mac, Kelly Clarkson, and Passion Pit. One of our first shows was Magic Man which quickly became one of my favorite bands.

After we broke up, I did two things. I bought a ticket to go see Magic Man in Boston and bought two tickets to see Madonna in Houston. I liked both artists and needed an experience all my on. In Boston, I shook the lead singers hand. In Houston, I saw Madonna with one of my oldest friends. Both were awesome.

Music continues to permeate everything I do. I listen to music on the way to the Light Rail, while I’m at the gym, or even when I’m showering. It’s the beat of my life and I can’t wait to hear more. Maybe today I’ll try and find something new. Or maybe not, but regardless of what my day will be filled with music.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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