Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Thirty-Eight

What’s next? That’s the big question that has been reverberating in my mind. I have this thing I have done. It’s a an okay thing. With work, it will be a good thing and maybe a great thing. Extrapolating it outward, I could turn that good thing into something awesome. And that awesome thing is definitely in my sights. Of course, I need to make the okay thing better first.

This is sort of the process I go through every time I create something. I finish something, and then I see my end goal. The end goal is super shiny, but it’s not plausible without a lot more work on the first thing. Now, I have always been the one to decide it was too much work or find a variety of excuses not to keep working towards that thing. It doesn’t matter if it was an art project, learning French, playing guitar, or in this moment, writing. I just put it off to the side after minor setbacks. I can’t keep doing that.

I want this company that I keep talking about. I want to be working beside my best friends in an office somewhere someday. I want to have posters of my books on my wall, and I want to edit the wiki from time to time to make people search it relentlessly for the information that I have thrown in. I want to run a game online and have it end up being canon in my universe. I want all these things, and I want all these things for my friends.

So, my first step is definitely editing. I have an entire novel sitting in my bag. I got a bound copy yesterday to look over and post-it notes to start looking over my editor’s notes and putting them in there. I have highlighters in my bag to help augment this experience. I also have a red pen that will look amazing against the red ink. This is the easiest part of things moving forward. I am also going to go talk to my friend, Chaz, today who is an artist. I want him to do the cover art for the novel. With a completely edition even as rough as it is, I need to make sure that I have these balls rolling.

I also recently began to build a wiki page, and starting the first post for the blog. I want to have 26 posts done for the Sentinels blog. One post will be released once a week on Wednesday (yes, like comics). The wiki will be updated as things get released. It may not be pretty starting out, but that’s okay. It’s a start to be the thing I want it to be.

One thing at a time will get me where I’m going. I am also still a bartender, so I have my life serving booze to people I enjoy. I got a big boost last night on this front when someone saw a customer come up and be a jerk. I just smiled at him. He was astounded that I took it so well. And I just shrugged, “I love my job, I love my life, and I’m not letting someone ruin that.” That sums up my life right now. I just have to keep on keeping on. And every step will lead me to the right place.

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