Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Thirty-Nine

Here we are once again with a weekly roundup. (I just realized I forgot to do this last week and instead talked about something I was personally dealing with. I apologize folks, but here we go again).

For me, last week was eye opening. I started looking at things very differently for a lot of different reasons. I took down all the comic book stuff in my room. It’s not hidden behind my bed because I have no where else to put it at the moment. I finished the rough draft of my novel. I commissioned a cover for my novel. I met and hung out with friends on various occasions. And I kept up with working out and just working regularly. It was a busy and fulfilling week. Let’s look back at it.

I wrote first about how anger can temper everything, even though it’s a temporary emotion. When things go wrong, everything seems to cascade around it leading you to feel even more stressed out. Events can do that even without things going wrong, but when they go wrong the stress skyrockets. It doesn’t matter if it’s your fault or not, you blame yourself and feel embarrassed for the people. In the end, you need to step back and calm yourself however you can. I was lucky and had friends at this event, and in the end, everyone had a great time so things worked out.

I then began to talk about my goals for 2018. They’re lofty, albeit a bit different than ones I’ve made in the past. I wanted to change my outlook, lifestyle, and look. One definitely leads to the other. It was kind of ironic that after I wrote this I had a deep conversation with a friend who literally turned my thinking on its head in all the right ways. He said something about building your environment around you that cultivates your growth and not let things around you hold you back. I’m still not fully there with books sitting on top of each other, but I took down a lot of stuff on my walls. After I commissioned my cover, I figured out that would be the first framed thing I put on my walls. It’s a new me in 2018, and that cover will be a continuation of it.

A couple times this week I talked about spirituality in different ways. It’s not an easy conversation to have with a lot of people, mostly because I don’t think people like confronting such deeply ingrained ideas. Nonetheless, I spoke about my spirituality and how having beliefs are important no matter what they are. Part of my own beliefs, which I’m still getting the hang of, is that what you see in others is a reflection of yourself. If you’re angry or hate someone, find out what you hate about them in that moment. That lack of compassion you see in them or their distrust, you’re distrustful and lack compassion. It’s a hard concept to grasp, but we’re not perfect creatures. We have flaws just like everyone else, and meeting those things head on will help you evolve into a better more fulfilled you.

You should finish the things you start. It sets you on a path for success in all your endeavors. It may not be perfect that sketch you’re working on, but it won’t be anything if you don’t finish it. I finished my novel after sixteen years of writing pieces of it. It’s got a long ways to go before it’s finished, but I’ve started it.

I also discussed what happens after you finish your novel. I went way out and discussed the business I want to build on it, piece by piece. It’ll be great filled with diverse heroes so that anyone can find someone like them to follow.

Finally, yeah I’m doing this awkwardly sideways, on Thursday I discussed what’s your story. My story starts back in South Dakota and continues with a company filled of superheroes. It’s not the biggest story in existence, but it’s mine, and I’ll cherish every second of it.

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