Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Forty

We need to expand our horizons. It’s the only one way to grow and evolve. I talked about this before, but it’s something my friend brought up about teaching her students. She told me that she sometimes has to be tough on her students basically telling them they can remain in the dark or take the harder path with seeking knowledge. She may have worded it incredibly different but this is my take away. Either way it’s true.

Every day we have these choices from saying hello to a stranger to walking into a new restaurant with food we haven’t tried. Diversity is big in the media with Black Panther killing it in the movie theaters. This makes me so beyond happy because things like this have a change to change the world. It changes thinking.

For the minorities out there, they have the representation that they’ve deserved both in mainstream film and in their heroes. They actually have people who look like them, who have their heritage. And their stories are important and get to be told in the same kind of spotlight as the white heroes. You don’t need to be African to feel this. I’m a minority myself. Granted, I am a white guy, a white gay male, but as a kid, I reached out wherever I could to find the kind of representation that the black community is currently getting with this film.

For the white kids who want to see a superhero movie, they get to find a kind of kinship to a community they may not have before even if they don’t realize it. They get to see that different isn’t so different in terms of the color of skin or where characters are from. They get to be the other and experience that in a film where people don’t look like them. It’s an amazing experience and both are important for the world to go together.

Some people may not see it this way. I just see it as a beautiful time for people. We can all have our heroes and they can stand side by side to fight back the darkness.

I am a superhero fan through and through. I have latched onto every gay or potentially gay character since I was a kid. I wanted anyone who could be like me. There was only a few growing up like Northstar. When Obsidian came out in Manhunter, I lost it. I was excited for more of my people to show up. Our numbers keep growing, and if this is the case with all minorities, I hope they all get their time to shine.

These are the kind of things I have thought about and built into my own stories. Diversity is so common, which is what hurts so much with the racism and bigotry of the world. Years ago, a friend told me in our difference we’re all the same and when people start seeing that, the world will become a more enlightened place. And I feel like this is all a move in the right direction.

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