100 Days Healthier Me – Day Ninety-One

This morning, I just finished Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. It was an interesting telling of the myths most of which I had oddly heard before. I loved the book. Gaiman has a beautiful voice even when he’s telling these stories from ages long gone.

As a reader, however, I had just heard the majority of these stories before in Rick Riordans newest Magnus Chase series. This is nothing against the beautiful prose, amazing stories, and overall greatness of the work. It just felt like a story I knew already instead of going in headfirst without the knowledge.

That’s both the trouble and an interesting part of Mythology. They are stories we know deep down inside of us. The story of Moses. The story of Cronus. The story of Osiris. All of these we have heard or learned about in some form since we were little. At least, I learned it. Then again, maybe it was just me, I was a weird kid.

By exploring these old worlds of myths and new retellings, I begin to form my own stories to build into my own universe. I am going to be doing the research throughout the day, which was the prompt today, when I finished Norse Mythology, I wanted to know what happened next.

The story reminded me of the flood myths in Christianity and in Greek Mythology. Of course, in Norse Mythology, it all ends in fire, but it talks about the second coming of man to a large extent after a great disaster. It shows new gods rising from the war of the old. I want to do my research and bring such a thing into my Mythology. The old gods remained because the new gods were born from them. That knowledge would pass down to the mortals if they ruled in a similar way.

I need to find out who survived Ragnorak. That’s where my journey will take me today. I will look at Balder and Hod. Then I will look into Thor’s children. I will see if there’s any others since I know the old players Loki, Fenric, and the frost giants all died. Who is left for this new world to play with and move around on the chess boards of new tales?

It’s things like this that get me excited. I get to do research. I get to figure things out as I go along. I get to create stories about heroes who are working for and against these gods. It’s a beautiful concept that I keep finding, reading, and writing myself because I want to be those type of heroes. I want to save the masses. I want to find out what happens next.

That’s the kind of exploring I always want to do. I want to explore stories forever, until the world burns or floods or freezes or decays. No matter what the end, the story still continues. That’s the way of life and as long as the story continues, there’s something more to explore.

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