Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Forty

On the flip side of the Sixty Day Superhero, the 100 Days Healthier Me, I talked about creating a plan for the future. Here, I want to talk actual steps moving towards that plan.

If you didn’t know, I am definitively a planner. As I move forward in my life, I want to be more on top of things. I want to bring down my level of worry. A lot of that comes with forward thinking. Pay your rent a week early, and you have an extra week. If you know what your phone bill is going to be, you can plan for it. I am already on that boat sailing for freedom. Sure, we’ve hit a couple of icebergs, my boat could move faster, but I am moving onwards to my destination.

In terms of my writing and business is what I want to talk about today. I want to have three completed drafts between now and my birthday. That’s 86 days. And it’ll be a step by step process.

First, I need to break down the book into chapters. When I originally wrote it, I did scenes. This is how the giant tome I posted on Instagram was created. One scene at a time. Today, I am going to look through it and try to divide each chapter up based on ideas and themes. Towards the ends of parts, I will create a couple cliff hangers.

When I am completed with chapters, I will do a chapter a day of editing. The first part of the novel will be easier than the latter parts. It’s been edited more often already. I have some parts even there that I need heavy edits. It’ll be okay. (Yes, I need to talk myself into this. Editing is hard for me and a step I’ve never completed).

Based on the length of time, I should be able to get about 3.5 drafts in. I wanted to draft it the first time from beginning to end. Then reverse the process so that I can work that end part a little harder and then beginning to end before hitting the last part hard once more and sending it to my editor.

If you didn’t know my birthday is my deadline. It is also when I will be getting my cover art that I commissioned.

In terms of other things in the near future, I need to get my company off the ground and get my blog going. My goal is to write 25-50 posts between now and then. That’ll mean I have that many weeks of blog posts to put up on weekly on the website.

After I pay for the cover art, I will need to buy and start building my website. It will be set up and prepared. It will go live the day the book gets released. By the time that comes, Char and I will do a big social media push for everything and start selling it and making that dough.

This seems like a lot, even for me, but it’s step by step, and that’s what needs to happen if I want to get it done and build things right. You have to have a plan of some sort if you want to succeed and a little bit each day will do that.

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