Sixty Day Superhero – Day Forty-Two

Moderation. This word is something I am only now getting. Alcohol consumption is part of it. Exercise and nutrition stands as a high second. But when I looked back at my life, and specifically everything sitting around my very full bedroom, I realize I have not been moderating myself for a long time. It’s very important to find out your obsessive, unmoderated things in your life to make for a healthier future.

It’s a weird thing to put that word to for a lot of people. Moderation, as I said above, generally responds to consumption of things. You can eat chocolate but don’t eat a whole bag. You can have a drink but don’t drink until passing out. These are the kind of moderation that people understand. But, I literally have hundreds of books that I haven’t read sitting in stacks of more books I have barely touched. I have clothes from decades, yes when I was in elementary school, sitting in my closet. Some might find the word “hoarder” is more appropriate, but it all comes back to not moderating myself.

I did not get more clothes regularly so I now am filled with stuffed acquires over the years. I did not read what I got and continued to buy books I did not immediately need. Instead, things just kept building. Like, when you eat a ton of chocolate, you’ll get sick. If you drink a ton of alcohol with no food or water, you’re going to get crazy-faced.

Moderation is the biggest change I am going to be making on my outlook. Part of it will be organizing my books and just buying things that I am going to immediately read. Alcohol is something I constantly moderate now. I am on top of eating and drinking lots of water. I don’t want to find myself drunk in the city completely gone. It’s a horrible feeling and not my story. Changing my story is changing my outlook, and that is my future. Moderation is a must.

Moderation, like anything else, is a process and it’s different for everyone. Some people can’t just stop drinking as much. They need to cut it completely out of their life. I have been working hard to make sure I can keep alcohol and pieces of my current lifestyle in my life. It’s taking a step back and being patient. It’s creating a positive lifestyle around things you enjoy. I am lucky to be able to step back and do both, but temptation happens, I just don’t care to give in.

Moderation is not a catch all for my issues, but it does set up a better lifestyle for my future. It’s taking a step back and looking at what I have hoarded or abused in my life and actually taking a step forward by making proper and appropriate changes moving forward. It’s not an easy thing to do and takes time and effort, but in the end, it will definitely be worth it and I’ll be a better person for it overall.

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