100 Days Healthier Me – Day Ninety-Four

I try to promote positivity. I like the idea of the people around me smiling while they’re working hard, or just passing on my general optimism at the people around me. I am the guy who says things like “You’re doing a great job,” or openly apologizing when I get demanding or frisky at work. Giving praise, props, and optimism is something I’d always like to do for the people around me.

It’s not always easy. I work in an industry that I warrant to say gets taken advantage of, namely the service Industry. Certain people treat us like hired servants instead of giving them a service that they don’t have to do themselves. We make their food. We cater to their whims. We clean up after them and while the bar will obviously make money for providing it, we are the ones who make sure it goes swimmingly. It makes it hard with people with certain temperaments to keep such a positivity going.

But it’s a helluva lot easier to do not being a manager. When I managed, customers and the co-workers around me were a constant annoyance. My running joke was “treat everyone like they’re stupid so you know what you’re getting involved in”. This helps for a while because it means you’re doing slightly more to placate people’s inability to do the job presented or to do their job. However, you soon find yourself doing everything instead of your job. The customers also become secondary to making sure the other employees are doing theirs. It’s a very tough balance and wore me down into a bad depressive place.

The question stands as to go I keep positive. I mentioned on one of my posts not to long ago about someone watching me smile as some customer gave me attitude at the bar. I’m beginning to realize how easy it is to just let things go. It’s not easy in the moment and when you have regular customers who are problem customers it’s a recurring challenge, but it doesn’t sit and fester if you can find ways to let those people go and not hold on to the aggravation. It can keep you balanced and centered and that’ll promote gay same kind of thing around you.

You know by reading these blogs I am not perfect at this. I work at it every day to keep the positivity flowing around me. This blog definitely helps me keep things balanced. My story writing helps. And going to the gym definitely keeps me from getting too lost in the negative space that happens from time to time. I also reorient myself constantly accepting my faults and fabulousness to at the very least not be the downer. It work that’s well worth it.

I want to thank all you who read this blog. There’s not a lot of you, and this has mostly been for me, but your likes make me feel good and make it feel worth it. Thank you all.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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