Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Forty-Three

One of the things that I have to think about right now is my new normal. It’s an interesting thing looking forward to how things are changing. I am more optimistic. I have more work to do every day on my novel and on my blog. And I spend a lot of time working out at the gym. Everything is moving in a new direction with credit cards paid, and life moving forward positively.

My outlook is already beginning to change. People keep saying how bright I look or how something has changed within me. After a night of drinking last night, I have slowly begun the journey of cutting it more out of my life. (Last night, it gave me a bit of nightmares and made me a little uneasy when I woke up. I wasn’t hung over. I didn’t drink enough for that. It nonetheless put me in a bad headspace and I don’t like that). Nonetheless, my story has changed considerably.

I tell stories. That’s one thing that is incredibly apparent. I tell one story after the other. I need to get them all out. That is a piece of me that I need to facilitate moving forward. But it’s just a part.

I exercise consistently. This is something else that I have noticed. A few days ago, I looked back over the last eight weeks and realized that I had gone two to three times a week since the beginning of the year. Some of them I have gone more, but I have done it consistently. I have actually used my gym membership to the fullest. It’s a great experience to have, especially seeing the changes within my body. It’s probably one of the things that help me glow a little bit. I’m healthy.

I exude of positivity. This is the one that I want to cultivate more. Part of it is giving up my ego, the thoughts of comparison, labeling, and things I attach with self. I just went back and changed all of these things to ‘am’. I do not possess any of these things, but to a large extent I do them, because I love them. It’s a little change in thoughts that push me forward to continue to be positive.

I bartend. I want to get better at this moving forward. I do not know all the ins and outs. I know I can get better at all this. I know that this is my future while I continue to write and get my stories of the ground. I just need to continue to push myself to be better at all these things so that I can move forward and be well-rounded.

These are the things that I will take with me moving forward. It’s not the easiest thing to continue to cultivate and grow. It’s keeping myself in the right mindset for excellence. It’s making sure that I do things that are amazing and things that lead me to my next stage of life. I will be excited to see where I go, while being present in the awesomeness of today.

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