100 Days Healthier Me – Day Ninety-Six

I am the healthiest I have ever been in some ways. The biggest is the fact that I am going to the gym at least three times a week. However, some weeks it has been a helluva lot harder to make it there. In the first few weeks of January. I literally just needed to make it to the gym, which was not easy. I needed to get up out of bed. I needed to walk all the way over to the gym. Then, I needed to actually do a workout there. It was a trial.

As the weeks moved on, that changed. There were still obstacles in the way. I would sleep in. I would not feel up to actually going to the gym. Sometimes, I just didn’t want to do anything and stayed at home. I still made it to the gym a couple times those weeks. Now, I am strictly three times a week. Sometimes, it is not every other day. Sometimes, it’s every day, but I am working towards a better body and an overall healthier life.

This next week is going to be another tough one, especially Monday and Tuesday. I have to make it to the gym today, since I think my next stable gym day would be Wednesday. Tomorrow, I am going to be exhausted. I am going to get done with work at the pizza place, and then head home. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to actually plan for the gym knowing I close tonight. Tuesday, I have an event after work so even if I sleep on Monday I am going to be working all day and then heading to the Hudson Pride for them closing down their current center and fully moving to their temporary space.

Wednesday means I can easily make it to the gym after sleeping throughout the night. It means that I will wake up and need the revitalization that comes with working out. However, before Wednesday, it means I need to get to the gym today. That also means getting all my stuff done that I need to get done.

I am working my butt of today before work. I have to go to the gym. I have to do laundry. I have to write 100 days healthier me, I have to write 60 Day Superhero, I have to write a blog post for my Sentinels page, and finally actually edit a chapter of my novel. This is all the stuff that I need to do before I go to work. It sounds nigh impossible, but I will get it done one thing at a time and then go on with my day o work.

I love working out. It’s something I almost seem to forget in the tediousness that working out seems to be at first. I just get up each day and make a decision to be better. Working out is part of following it through. So busy as today will be, here goes nothing.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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