Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Forty-Seven

This week, I spent a lot of time looking forward and looking at the present. Both are going to affect you evolving into the superhero within. Notice, the past has no merit in terms of the present as long as you can let go of it and move on. Things change quick in this world, and you need to be part of the now instead of looking behind you at where you’ve been. Of course, I say this as I’m looking back and going over my week.

Two things stand at the present. I need to moderate myself in a variety of ways and not give into the temptations to let things backslide. Both of these things are easy to say, and much harder to do in practice. I have begun this path of moving beyond myself, and it isn’t easy. It will take a little bit of money to organize things, and right now I’m saving everything for my trip. I am stock piling everything in my bank account. However, I can still moderate things moving forward. I need to make sure that I am not buying more books that I am going to just toss on the floor and not read. I need to make sure that I am not constantly drinking myself into drunkenness for both health and financial reasons. I need to make sure that I am not eating myself ragged and being healthy about my choices. All these things together will bring me closer to my goal.

The other side of that is the temptation to do it anyway. Books are like little adventures, and each time I see one I want, I want to buy it almost immediately. I have to talk myself out of it. Alcohol is a way to bring myself to a different place mentally, but it wears me down and wastes my time. I need to look at the cause/effect of these things to keep myself from giving into temptation. It’s not easy, but it brings me closer to where I want to be.

Accepting the flaws your friends is not easy, and it takes accepting your own flaws and knowing who you are. They are beautiful. They are mean. They are forgetful. You are beautiful. You are mean. You are forgetful. You can’t base friendships on certain aspects of people. You need to find the love in all of them, and let go of the things that irritate them if they’re your real friends. I have had trouble accepting my friends for who they are in the past. It’s led to me losing friendship with some really good people. I am working on being better at not letting my own ego get in the way of my friendships.

The last two work really well in conjunction with each other. I mapped out my relative future as to what I wanted to do for my business. I am a big person to map things out to put me on the right path. Even now, I am not exactly on the path that I set out. Things get in the way as they do. I have still posted. I have gotten some blog posts written. I started doing my edits. Yesterday was the first day I got behind, and will not be able to catch up until later in the week. It’s okay. I can still do this. The new normal is happening now. I am making changes and building my life to put me in the place that I want to be. It’s an interesting thing changing, because you only know it’s happening by what negativity isn’t there that used to be. It’s awesome, and it gets better each day.

That’s my week in review. It’s going to be an interesting week as I get ready for New Orleans and work my butt off. Here goes nothing.

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