Sixty-Day Superhero – Day Forty-Eight

I am writing this a little in advance of what I’m going to do, but I figured I should get it out into the world. I came into the coffee shop today, put ten dollars on my Starbucks card, and then proceeded to spend 9 on coffee, almonds, and a banana. I realized that ten dollars every day means literally thousands of dollars a year on coffee. I like to work at Starbucks. It has people around and I can watch the excitement, but it’s also me spending way too much money on something that I can just as easily do at home. This is where ‘building a proper foundation’ comes in.

I need to change my space at home. I need to change my living space at home. First of all, I need to get things together to be more organized. That’s the easiest fix. I can get myself a larger bookshelf. That would allow for me to actually have room in my bedroom to move around a little bit more. That will lead me to having a bit more open space for energy to flow around my room. But, that’s also just my personal space. I need to do something a little bit more outward.

I was thinking about setting myself up in the kitchen. That may sound weird, especially for a ‘work space,’ but we have an incredibly large kitchen. Right now, it’s mostly filled up with a few milk crates, a bicycle, and chair on wheels. I am thinking that if we get a tall table with chairs around it. I like taller tables especially because it will make the room look slightly fuller without actually making it look weird. We may have to move some things around to make it work, but that’s fine. I need the space.

I also need to buy a coffee pot and start shopping at the grocery store more often. A banana costs a dollar. Almonds costs me two and a half. The coffee costs me an additional four. That’s so much money spent that I could very easily be doing at home. It really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

This kind of ‘foundation building’ will help me in the long run. It will help me save money. It will give me a more adult living space at home. It will also set me up for future successes. It’s not a perfect solution, especially considering we could be moving elsewhere in the next couple years if my roommate finds a place that he wants to buy. That’ll change things, but maybe we will actually have the space for some sort of office. Who knows? All I know is that I need to make some changes to my home life so that I can continue to evolve and move forward outside of the house.

It’s a slow process, but each step leads me closer to my current destination. I am setting myself up for success down the line. When I get there, who knows where else I’ll go.

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