100 Days Healthier Me – Day Ninety-Nine

Choosing your path to the future isn’t easy. I mean looking at a menu sometimes complicates things for me let alone choosing a path to follow for the next year. So, what is my path and how do I not only choose it but have a great follow throughout into 2019 and beyond? That’s the full extent of this question for someone like myself.

Good Healthy Relationships – I am not talking about romantic relationships. I am not mentally ready for that, but soon. However, I am talking about my friend new and my relationship with myself. The people around you definitively affect your path moving forward. If they’re involved in the community, you find yourself involved and wanting to help to support them. If they like what you’re doing, you find a larger driver to continue and don’t deter when there’s certain roadblocks in your way. Healthy relationships keep you sane and on the right track, and I hope to cultivate my friendships, learning more about them and myself as things progress.

Building My Brand – For me, 2018 is huge for this. I am going to finishing editing my novel and publish it this year. I am going to be building a website, writing a blog, and getting my first business cards. This is the continuation of a dream I have had since college. It’s blooming like crazy this year. It’s largely because of those relationships I’ve cultivated in the past and the positive encouragement of those around me now. I just need to make sure I keep on track and don’t loose focus of the work now for the big tomorrow. It’s a step by step process and if I focus on the wrong step, I will trip and fall.

More Travel – I have a trip to DC/Philly in the world. I’m going to New Orleans next week. I have South Dakota with my roommate in July. I will probably be back in South Dakota in December. And in 2019, I am going to Europe again. I may even find some day trips I want to take along the way. It’s such a brilliant year.

Volunteering – I have a lot of people in my circle who help and volunteer, or actually work, with the LGBT+ community in Jersey City. I am going to find my place in that, although I’m not quite sure yet. I don’t want to let someone down, which is my ego trying to stop me from doing it. I have so many avenues and have an odd feeling to the actual “what” and “when” will show itself in the near future.

Healthy Living – I have been exercising two to three times a week since the beginning of the year. I want to continue this and expand upon it throughout the year to healthy eating, healthy choices with drinking, and healthy financial choices. It’s the year I am healthy, and promote health and positivity to the people around me. It’s going to be healthy, and amazing.

Bartend, Bartend, Bartend – I have been bartending for almost a year. Granted, it started just as one day a week, but it’s something I love. I love my patrons and my coworkers. It’s not easy, but it pays and keeps me busy. It’s a life I want to lead right now, and the perfect time for it.

This is a year where the world grows and changes, and I help it by doing my best to be the best me, and promote that growth in others.

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